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    Child policy
    Children under 5 will not be admitted.
    Running time
    To be confirmed.
    Performance dates
    28 May – 1 June 2019
    Recommended for ages 5 and above.
    Special notice
    Programme 1 will run from 28 to 30 May and will feature three one-act ballets: Sacré, Paradox, Fraudulent Smile. Programme 2 will run from 31 May to 1 June and will feature the world premiere of Rasputin plus a final ballet to be announced later.

    Sergei Polunin Customer Reviews

    4 / 5 (159 customer reviews)

    Alix Boudet

    18 June 19

    The show was amazing ! Sergei Polunin must be the best dancer ever !

    David Welford

    7 June 19

    My Wife and I saw Sergei Polunin perform at the Palladium and have never been so disappointed in our lives. I felt particularly sad for my wife, as it was one of her Christmas presents from me to her, it should have been a delight. But no, It was Terrible, dreadful, Rubbish; it wasn't ballet, in fact I doubt one could even call it dance. He, and the very limited number of others wandered around the stage aimlessly looking for some kind of salvation - I don't think they found it, I certainly saw none. The first piece was really weird; two girls in suspenders and stockings, the males in trousers with braces and all with white painted 'death masks'? What is that all about? A disgrace. The second piece was some kind of political statement about western consumerism with some misguided individual shouting out a shopping list. The third was no better; Polunin was mesmerised by a circle of dead leaves until as if by some miracle he finds hidden in it a large Pink Rope which he then proceeds to wrap around himself. All in all complete and utter nonsense by some 'luvvy' choreographer with her head in a very strange place, and clearly Polunin fell for it! Now, the sound track;- Yes, a sound track! Not even a single musician in sight. The music, and I use the word quite incorrectly, was dire in the extreme; somewhere between a dirge of a death march and cat being strangled - and, it was loud, so loud my wife had to tear up a tissue and shove bits in her ears. It started late, and finished at about 21.40. Taking into account the interval I doubt it lasted and hour and a half, which some might consider a blessing. Of that the main man, Polunin, wasn't to be seen for more than about fifty minutes, and for a fair portion of that he was lying on the stage; probably ashamed of what he had let himself in for. Quite frankly I feel I was robbed! It was a lot of money for a rubbish performance and canned sound. Daylight robbery. When one visits a place like the Palladium to see probably the finest dancer of his time you have the right to be lifted to a higher plane not dragged down in despair. Yours regrettably David Welford. One final point; it is not possible to submit these comments without giving at least one star. If there was a choice I would give it less than no stars.

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