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Group size: 10+
Group rates

Groups bookings for dates up to 5 January 2019

Accelerator Groups Rate - book and pay by 15 December

8+ Band A or B for £35

Valid Monday to Thursday performances until 24 Feb 2018, excluding half term weeks and Christmas (w/c 23 Oct, w/c 18 Dec, w/c 25 Dec 2017, w/c 1 Jan and w/c 12 Feb 2018).

Standard Group Rate

8+ Band A or B for £45 

20+ Band A or B for £35

Group rates excluded on 22 Oct – 25 Oct 2018 & 17 Dec 2018 till 5 Jan 2019.

Valid on Monday to Thursday performances subject to availability.

There is no longer a school group rate for this show.


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