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3 July - 19 August 2017

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3.9 / 5 (11 customer reviews)

Eduardo Ibarra-Olivo

6 days ago

Very touching story, with lots of nice messages. Wonderful musical!

Cassandra Meehan

6 days ago

Spoilers ahead. This show was almost amazing. Almost. I don't think I've ever been more effectively led on and punched in the gut by a show because the whole time, the end was looking good. It was looking happy, and like, for once, we might get that happily-ever-after no matter how unlikely. But instead we got what we always do- they don't get together and one of the two drinks himself to death. It's so, so frustrating to see that even LGBTQ writers can't write happy endings for ourselves and it's hurtful. It hurts me to know that we've come so far yet we still can't make it past the narrative that happy endings are reserved for straight stories. This show was so good and beautiful until the ending where instead of getting what every other love story gets, we got what every queer one does- unhappiness and death.

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