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    Nicholas de Jongh
    ****Four Stars
    Lindsay triumphs.
    Osborne’s powerful mix of nostalgia and comedy still proves relevant today.
    Robert Lindsay…an irresistible comic turn.
    The Entertainer…enthralling and comically captivating

    The Guardian
    ****Four Stars
    Brilliant entertainment in a play for our times.
    A great play.
    Lindsay’s star performance in Sean Holmes fine production.
    Lindsay…a triumphant performance.
    Pam Ferris is outstanding.
    John Normington is extraordinary.

    The Times ****Four stars
    Sean Holmes’s fine production.
    Pam Ferris is extraordinary.

    Daily Telegraph
    A magical mix of raw anguish and humour
    Brilliantly played by Robert Lindsay.
    It is impossible to praise Lindsay’s magnificent star performance too highly.
    Pam Ferris is unforgettable.

    Daily Mail
    **** Four Stars
    It is highly watchable, historically interesting and well-acted.
    Miss Ferris is a revelation
    Mr Lindsay is one of our very best actors.
    A fine account of a play.

    Robert Lindsay bowls them over.
    Pam Ferris is magnificent.

    Daily Express
    Lindsay’s performance is an utter triumph
    The play…resonates with a fierce power.

    Front Row
    Robert Lindsay “Absolutely terrific”
    Pam Ferris “Fantasic”
    Emma Cunniffe “Fantastic”

    The London Paper
    **** Four Stars

    *****Five Stars
    Wonderful revival.
    Lindsay gives the performance of a lifetime.

    Financial Times
    **** Four Stars
    Robert Lindsay ‘Superb’
    Sean Holmes fine production.
    John Normington is excellent
    Pam Ferris is magnificent

    ****Four Stars
    Sean Holmes beautifully captures the sense of a generation in this sensitive revival.
    Pam Ferris is extraordinary.

    BBC2, Newsnight Review
    Absolutly terrific – Julie Myerson
    Robert Lindsay was fantastic – Julie Myerson
    An enduring human drama… absorbing – Jonathan Freedland
    Pam Ferris was brilliant – Dotun Adebayo
    Terrific – John Carey

    BBC Radio 4, Saturday Review
    A very fine production - Alan Strachan
    Pam Ferris… a wonderful performance. Alan Strachan

    Mail on Sunday
    John Osborne’s remarkable state-of-the-nation play. Inspired… its resonance startles.
    Sean Holmes’s intense revival brilliantly captures the spirit of the time.
    A virtuoso Robert Lindsay makes the role his own.
    John Normington is outstanding
    Pam Ferris is exceptional
    You won’t find finer acting anywhere on the London stage.

    Sunday Times
    **** Sean Holmes finely layered production
    John Normington… marvellous
    Pam Ferris… mesmerising
    Vital and real and profound
    A coup de théâtre

    Independent on Sunday
    Sean Holmes’s superb production startlingly reminds you just how fine a modern classic this is.
    Robert Lindsay “This is a performance not to be missed”
    John Normington is splendid

    Time Out
    **** Four Stars