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    Deep Blue Sea receives great reviews

    Great reviews for Deep Blue Sea at the Vaudeville Theatre

    This is a truly great evening in the West End” - Charles Spencer, Telegraph

    Greta Scacchi gives the performance of her career as Terence Rattigan’s anguished heroine. A great performance in one of the greatest plays of the last century. - Charles Spencer, Telegraph

    ***** Miss Scacchi brings [Hester] alive in a harrowing and emotionally draining performance that I reckon is the finest piece of acting I have seen in a decade. - Tim Walker, Sunday Telegraph

    Deeply moving revival - Charles Spencer, Telegraph

    Scacchi is shatteringly fine - Charles Spencer, Telegraph

    Greta Scacchi is outstanding […] It is a fearsomely meaty role and this outstanding actress embraces it with great ardour and compelling energy - Paul Callan, Daily Express

    Miss Scacchi’s shrieking breakdown is gripping to watch - Paul Callan, Daily Express

    Excellent production - Paul Callan, Daily Express

    This is a mesmerising story of human failing - Ben Dowell, London Paper

    The play belongs, however, to Miss Scacchi: I am haunted still by the pain etched on this woman’s extraordinarily beautiful and expressive face - Tim Walker, Sunday Telegraph Get your tickets now.