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    Buy London theatre tickets

    Where do you start when you want to buy London theatre tickets? This is a popular question everybody asks themselves, as there are so many ways and you just might not know where to start! Hopefully these little guidelines and pointers can put you in the right direction so that you can source your tickets safely, securely and at the right price!

    Tickets can be purchased from theatres directly, ticket agents, travel agents, hotel concierge desks, ticket booths, websites, the list is endless. Depending on what type of show you want to see, and when you want to go can determine the price. For example if you want to plan ahead for a special occasion on a Saturday night, thats when prices tend to be the highest. Theatres normally charge the face value of the ticket, although some have a booking fee. Ticket agents and all other sellers need to make their share, so they have a booking fee on all tickets. All agents will vary in price as their costs internally will be different.

    If you decide to source tickets from an agent, or anywhere other than the theatre itself, always make sure the selling price is no more than 25% on top of the face value. This is the guideline set by S.T.A.R, the Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers. The ticket must display the Face Value and Selling Price.

    You may be thinking, well if its so complicated why not book direct with the theatre?! Well, you can, but to be honest, like anything, it is always best to shop around. Ticket agents and those in the trade can sometimes offer the same quality seat at a reduced price, meaing the company you book with may have a special offer, which the theatre doesn’t always give to the general public.

    If you are flexible when you want to attend, there are many last minute deals, mid-week reduced rate shows, 2 for 1 tickets up for grabs.
    Just make sure you research it first, taking into consideration whether the sellers are members of S.T.A.R so that you can be sure your tickets are legitimate and not from a tout.

    It is illegal to sell tickets through auction sites, so you should always be cautious if you choose to do buy tickets using this method.
    So to sum up, the best place to buy London theatre tickets is from those certified agents and theatres.