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    Two for one London theatre tickets

    Every week there are two-for-one theatre tickets offered for a wide range of London productions.  If you are planning a trip to London, you really must take in a musical, play or concert.  With more than 50 productions running at a time, there is a wealth of choice. The key to finding tickets that are discounted by up to 50% is to be flexible in your choice of dates and times.

    We all know that tickets for the long running London shows don't come cheap, but there are bargains and discounts to be had for many hit plays and musicals.  Shop around online to find the two-for-one offers that come on sale daily, especially where there are unsold seats that are offered on the day. Some offers include the best seats and these can be as low as £15 each, for seats that normally sell for twice or three times that amount. Even hard to get tickets for popular shows like Mamma Mia, Phantom of the Opera and the Lion King can have greatly reduced prices, especially for matinees.

    Look for deals on Mondays and Tuesdays, the quieter days of the week. Also booking well in advance, with no fixed schedule gives you a chance to find those special offers. Seasonal shows like The Snowman and the Pantomimes have two-for-one offers. The Snowman is a thrilling Christmas treat for children of all ages as well as for grownups. It is a captivating mix of dance, stagecraft and music featuring a live orchestra. And with affordable tickets, you can take the whole family.

    Top price seats at a London theatre can cost as much as £80 but you don’t have to pay those prices. Many theatre goers depend on half price offers and discounted rates to be able to afford to attend hit shows like Les Miserables, Sound of Music, Wicked or Billy Elliot. The best way to locate the discounted offers is to search online using a reputable ticket discounting website. Why not revisit one of your old favourites and take a friend to enjoy it with you? You don’t have to break the bank for a fun afternoon or evening at a London show.

    Do not be tempted to purchase tickets from a ticket tout outside the theatre. You can also lose money by buying from unscrupulous dealers, which will only spoil your outing. Secure online booking is available for just about any musical or play that you want to see from Priscilla to An Ideal Husband. In the comfort of your own home in the evening or in your lunch hour at work, you can find two-for-one offers online at any time.