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    Q&A with Five Guys Named Moe's Mykal Rand

    Our latest  #WhenIWas18 Q&A features Mykal Rand Resident Director/Choreographer and alternate Big Moe/Nomax from Five Guys Named Moe.

    Tell us a little bit about yourself at 18. Were you studying, working? What were your hobbies and interests? 
    I was lucky enough to be working on my dream show at the time, Starlight Express. I’d been skating, singing and dancing from the age of 4. It was the perfect show for me to make my West End debut in. I joined the cast when I was 17. I was really into sport, athletics, rugby, tennis, badminton and squash mainly.

    So, we’re turning 18 this year and we’re planning a full month of competitions, giveaways and topping it all off with a huge party. How did you celebrate your 18th birthday? 
    My friends took me for a big night out on the town after our performance of Starlight Express. We went to 3 different nightclubs and I met one of the great loves of my life. I had an incredible time.

    Tell us something wild or crazy you did as a young adult. 
    Hahaha… My lips are sealed.

    What did you most look forward to/dread about turning 18?
    I don’t think I had any expectations about being 18. I had already left my hometown to come to London. I was already living my dream. I was surrounded by the most incredible, inspiring people. I really loved my life.

    Is there anything you miss about being 18? Would you go back to age 18 if you could?
    Life did seem to be a lot simpler when I was 18. Or maybe I just didn’t care as much. I wouldn’t mind going back and correcting some of the mistakes I’ve made.

    If you could deliver a 30-second message to your 18-year-old self, what would it be?
    Don’t take anything for granted. The decisions you make today can affect you many years down the line. Remember why you started. Remember who helped you. Not everyone is on your side. Be wise, be bothered and be present! Live your life!

    Five Guys Named Moe opens at the Marble Arch Theatre on the 29th of August - get your tickets here.


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