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    Epitaph for George Dillon

    Epitaph for George Dillon opens to outstanding critical acclaim
    Epitaph For George Dillon

    ‘Osborne arrives in a blaze of passion. Gill’s fine production honours an unjustly neglected play’ - The Guardian

    ‘Epitaph For George Dillon turns out to be something special, there isn''t a single weak performance in this acidly funny production. This might just be Osborne''s greatest play’ - The Daily Telegraph

    ‘Peter Gill, unmatched as a social-realist director; powerfully stages the play as an alluring period piece’ - The Evening Standard

    ‘A good part excellently played by Joseph Fiennes’ - The Times

    ‘Francesca Annis splendidly communicates the poignant mix of weary, battle-scared experience, fragile hope, and ironic amusement’ - The Independent

    ‘Geoffrey Hutchings is quietly hilarious’ - The Guardian

    ‘The whole company is strong in this fine revival’ - The Daily Mail

    ‘This collaborative work is a genuine ensemble piece, with a cast graced by Anne Reid’s superb performance’ - The Independent

    ‘CRITICS CHOICE. Look back in pleasure to this Fifties comic period piece’ - The Evening Standard

    ‘Peter Gill’s production is meticulously cast, with Joseph Fiennes as the failed actor-dramatist, Francesca Annis – as Ruth – Anne Reid, Zoe Tapper and Dorothy Atkinson portraying the women he stays with. This is a welcome return for Epitaph For George Dillon’ - The Express

    ‘Francesca Annis is excellent as Ruth. Anne Reid’s superb Mrs Elliot’ - Metro