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    All five Spice Girls at Viva Forever the musical launch

    The first photos from the official Viva Forever launch are coming in from the Spice Girls news conference.

    Our lovely Twitter followers are posting some excellent photos of the Spice Girls from the official launch of Viva Forever.

    Joining the girls are creator, Jennifer Saunders and executive producer, Judy Cramer.

    VIVA FOREVER! is the exciting new musical comedy based on the songs of The Spice Girls, Viva Forever! written by comedienne Jennifer Saunders and produced by MAMMA MIA! creator Judy Craymer.

    Viva Forever! is enthused with the positivity, energy, humour and excitement that encapsulated The Spice Girls. Their global hit songs tell a vibrant story about identity, friendship and the quest for fame taking the ethos of girl power and applying it to today's celebrity-obsessed culture.

    Viva Forever tickets will be on sale soon.