Maggie Bain talks Man to Man at Wilton's Music Hall

By London Theatre Direct
Friday 15 September 2017

Man to Man comes to Wilton’s Music Hall in London to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of its UK premiere. The show has a limited two week run in London before going on its UK tour and onto sold out dates in New York City. WhatsOnStage just gave the show a five-star review and called it. . .” A tour de force. Pieces of theatre that engage the mind, heart and soul as much as this one does are pretty rare.”  Star of the show Maggie Bain, talks about the show and her decision to work on this incredible piece.

What is the play about?
The play is about a woman called Ella Gericke who, just before the Second World War, her husband dies and in order to keep his job and their apartment and their way of life she becomes him. She takes on his identity and goes to work as him gets away with it. 

How long does Ella have to maintain the guise? 
She takes on her late husband's identity from the beginning of world war two, when she's about 19, all the way through to her 60s. When we catch up with her at the beginning of the play she's about 66, she's retired and she’s only just now coming to terms with what she's done.

What a story!
It is an incredible story! And it's actually based on a true one; we met with Manfred Karge and had a fantastic conversation with him about the story's origins. He had originally written it for his wife based on an old newspaper clipping he had read. The woman who had actually done this got away with it for about 12 years if I remember correctly.

What attracted you to this play?
When Bruce Guthrie gave it to me I had no idea how to start and that is an amazing challenge. Also knowing that I would be working with Bruce and Scott Graham made it really, really exciting. As more and more of the creative team came on board I knew, even though we didn't have answers to anything yet, that it was going to be a really special adventure finding out what we were going to make.

Man to Man tickets are available now, but the show is only in London for two weeks so do not delay.


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