Producer theatre tickets

Although most West End productions are fully booked, occasionally some seats are held back from sale and these are normally known as producer theatre tickets or producer's seats. For the musical Mamma Mia, they are known as Benny and Bjorn's seats! In other words, a few seats that are held back from sale in case the producer of the musical or play wants to attend any performance at the last minute.

A theatrical producer is essentially the person responsible for organising and overseeing all aspects of a theatrical production. They are typically responsible for finding the script, director and the financial aspects such as budget and marketing of the show. Sometimes, the producer is also responsible for casting but almost certainly, a producer will have final approval on major casting decisions. Oftentimes, a theatrical producer also has to bring together investors to finance what can turn into a very profitable show or fail really badly.

Those searching for Producer theatre tickets might also stumble across the musical The Producers, which is a  musical adapted by Mel Brooks and Thomas Meehan from a 1968 film. The story of The Producers is as the name suggests is about two theatrical producers who create a get-rich-quick scheme by overselling shares in a Broadway flop. Things go awry when the flop show unexpectedly turn out to be successful! The most famous theatrical production of The Producers starred Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick and won a record-breaking 12 Tony Awards. Ultimately, The Producers was made into a 2005 film version as well.

In London's West End, The Producers was staged at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane between 2004 and 2007. It starred Nathan Lane and Lee Evans, Leigh Zimmerman, Nicolas Colicos, Conleth Hill and James Dreyfus. The Producers then went on a UK tour.

Some producers continue to take an active interest in their productions many years after they were first staged. Cameron Mackintosh, for example, one of the world's most successful theatre producers continues to be involved with Les Miserables on a very hands-on basis, some 25 years after the show was first staged.  Mackintosh was involved in the 25th anniversary performance of Les Miserables at London's o2 arena and also with the touring production of Les Miserables that also included performances at the Barbican. A re-jigged version of Les Miserables staring Alfie Boe and Matt Lucas will continue at the Queen's Theatre under the watchful eye of Cameron Mackintosh.

So for those looking to get their hands on producer theatre tickets, often some of the best seats in the house, what better way than to make one of London's leading theatrical producers one of your new best friends? After all, after 25 years of watching Les Miserables, you'd think Cameron Mackintosh might know it by now!

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