You may not know this but it can be possible to get cheap theatre tickets in London.  You just need a little ‘know-how’, and flexibility and you can pick up some amazing deals.

One thing you must be certain of is that you are buying from legitimate sources, ticket touts are out there making illegal transactions, and you can be cheated for false or pretend tickets, while they get your money, and you get no seat!

Cheap theatre tickets might be offered in advance through special promotions that can be found in newspapers or advertised through websites.  It is a good idea to search around for deals, making sure the source you purchase from is registered with the Society of Ticketers and Retailers (S.T.A.R).

What is STAR you may ask?  Well STAR is the leading self-regulatory body for the entertainment ticketing industry across the UK.  The organisation operates within guidelines supported by, amongst others, VisitBritain, VisitLondon, the Society of London Theatre and the Office of Fair Trading.

As well as working with government and other bodies for the benefit both of consumers and the ticketing industry, STAR offers general advice and information on ticket buying and provides a dispute resolution service for customers who have a problem with their purchase from a STAR member.  That’s why, you must always buy tickets from a STAR member, if they are not a member chances are they are touts and frauds, and nothing can cover or support you if this occurs.

If you are not too fussed about which show you want to see, discounts can be found.  For example long running shows can sometimes reduce their ticket prices, and new shows offer special preview prices.

Some venues offer reduced price seats, which are available on the door on the day.  You can sometimes see queues forming outside the box office as these tickets are given out on a first come first serve basis.  Not all theatres do this, so make sure you know in advance before queuing!

It’s not always last minute tickets with a discount offer; you can also book in advance.  Different shows will have different offers, and some may be booked in advance, which is extremely helpful if you are planning a trip!

The best and probably the most fun way, is to get a group together, to get great discounts for your party, this is a fantastic way to see your favourite show with friends and get cheap theatre tickets!

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