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Being a massive fan of West End theatre shows and performers, I have a tendency to visit the stage door and say hello to the actors after seeing the show every once in a while. An issue I always seem to face, though, is that I can never quite work out where the stage door is without walking the block which can take a while. So, to make it easier for all of you, here’s a guide to where a couple of the major West End stage doors are hidden.

Note that all of these directions assume you are stood outside the main entrance to the theatre, facing the road in front of you.

London Palladium – Soon to be the home of Cats
Turn left and walk down Argyll Street towards Liberty. When you reach Liberty, turn a left and walk down the street past the massive sign adversity the show currently running at the theatre, until you read the iron gates marked: ‘LONDON PALLADIUM’.

Apollo Victoria Theatre – Home of Wicked
Turn left and walk about 100 yards... This one really isn’t that hidden!

Adelphi Theatre – Home of Made in Dagenham
Turn right and walk down the Strand until you reach the next turning on your right. Walk down Bedford Street until you reach yet another turning on your right behind the street of coffee shops. Walk back along the back of the theatre, and you’ll soon see the stage door on (you guessed it...) your right! 

Apollo Theatre – Home of Urinetown
Turn left and walk towards the Gielgud Theatre. When you get to the road before the Gielgud, walk up that street until you reach the back of the Apollo Theatre. Turn left at the back of the theatre, and the stage door is right there. 

Dominion Theatre – Home of Evita
This is a bit of a tricky one. Turn right and walk up the street until you see the next turning on your right. Walk up that road/line of shops (adjacent to the first ever YMCA shop) until you reach a red iron gate to stop cars on your right. Walk down that alleyway right until the end, and you’ll see the stage door on your right.

Savoy Theatre – Home of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
No matter where the theatre spits you out, always go right until you reach the black gates. Right, right, right, right, right! 

That’s all for now on those that are so hidden they’re a bit of a pain to find (or so blindingly obvious you ignore them!), but if you’ve been to the stage doors of any other theatres that weren’t mentioned in this list, drop me a tweet @ the username below and let’s see if we can make a follow up list!

Happy Stage Door-ing!

By Shaun Nolan


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