Aladdin In 12 Questions: The Ultimate Aladdin Quiz!

By Molly Richardson
Monday 01 February 2016

Think you know the iconic story of Aladdin back-to-front? Well now is the time to test your knowledge on all things Aladdin: from the characters in Aladdin, to quotes from Aladdin, the infamous Aladdin songs such as A Whole New World or about the Broadway musical which is soon to fly over to the West End. Let this be the most testing of all Aladdin quizzes!

The answers are at the bottom, try not to peak!

1.   Which of these characters in Aladdin said the following quote: ““OK, fine. But remember, “bee” yourself”?
·     Genie
·     Aladdin
·     Jafar
·     The Sultan

2.   In regards to songs from Aladdin, which of the following is NOT in the movie or stage show?
·     A Whole New World
·     Diamond in the Rough
·     One Jump Ahead
·     For a Moment

3.   Who is the villain in Aladdin?
·     Jasmine
·     Maleficent
·     Jafar
·     Magic Carpet

4.   Can you complete the following Aladdin Prince Ali lyrics: “Well get on out in that square”…
·     “To gawk and grovel and stare at Prince Ali!”
·     “Adjust your veil and prepare”
·     “For Prince Ali - handsome as he - Ali Ababwa
·     “And make way for Prince Ali!”

5.    Which of these is NOT a quote from the Aladdin on Broadway reviews?
·      “An absolute hoot of a show!” (The Times)
·     “Exactly what you wished for!” (NBC TV)
·     “Musical comedy wish-fulfilment!” (New York Times Magazine)
·     “Wave upon wave of razzle dazzle!” (Time Out New York)

6.   Who played the Genie in the Aladdin original Broadway cast?
·     James Monroe Iglehart
·     Trevor Dion Nicholas
·     Adam Jacobs
·     Peter Howe

7.   As Aladdin is a Broadway musical, when did it open on Broadway?
·     July 2014
·     May 2013
·     June 2015
·     March 2014
8.   Which theatre will it be opening at in the West End?
·     Novello Theatre
·     Prince Edward Theatre
·     Dominion Theatre
·     Cambridge Theatre

9.   Who is Aladdin’s father?
·     Cassim
·     The Sultan
·     Jafar
·     He doesn’t have a father

10.  What is the next line of the famous Aladdin song a whole new world: “But when I'm way up here, it's crystal clear”…
·      “You’ll take me wonder by wonder”
·     “It’s a whole new world”
·     “It’s like we’re only dreaming”
·     “That now I'm in a whole new world with you”

11.  Who wrote and composed the score for Aladdin?
·     Elton John & Tim Rice
·     Alan Menken & Tim Rice
·     The Sherman Brothers
·     Alan Menken & Howard Ashman

12.  The Aladdin lyrics “gotta steal to eat” is from which song?
·     Friend Like Me
·     Proud of Your Boy 
·     Somebody's Got Your Back
·     One Jump Ahead
See the answers below, how did you fair? Tweet us and let us know if you successfully passed the ultimate Aladdin test!

Answers: 1) Genie, 2) For a Moment, 3) Jafar, 4) “Adjust your veil and prepare”, 5) “An absolute hoot of a show!” (The Times), 6) James Monroe Iglehart ,7) March 2014, 8) Prince Edward Theatre, 9) Cassim, 10) “That now I'm in a whole new world with you”, 11) Alan Menken & Tim Rice, 12) One Jump Ahead


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