The Theatre's Younger Generation

By Jade Ali
Thursday 01 September 2016

Theatre has been around for thousands of years in some form or another so it's perfectly plausible to imagine it being around for many years to come. However a big concern for theatre lovers is the worry that the younger generations aren't as involved or interested in theatre as those have been in the past. Is there an age gap in those that go to the theatre? Could theatre ever really die out?

It's hard to imagine a world without theatre and all the joys it brings. Sure, these days we have Netflix and can instantly stream films and tv shows at the click of a button. The technological era allows us to read plays, listen to soundtracks and watch anything we like all with the one device. This shouldn't be seen as a problem. The world is evolving as it's always done and theatre has survived so much. It has in fact been a constant for many years. The Internet isn't a threat. 

Okay, so if the Internet allows us to do everything from the comfort of our own homes then why would people continue to pay so much to go to the theatre? If this is a concern that plagues your mind then worry not. You're reading this post via the Internet and you love theatre right? One does not cancel the other out. In fact they aid each other. Besides not everyone likes to be stuck behind a screen all the time. Cinema, concerts, festivals, etc; all these things thrive because people love a night out. Yes, the younger generation has so much more on offer for them than any before them but with that comes the want for more. Despite everything we live in an era of #TreatYourself and the theatre is one of the greatest treats of all. 

Does theatre appeal to the younger generations? Of course it does. Like everything else, theatre has a varied market and different plays and musicals are targeted towards certain groups of people. There are plenty of plays and musicals which have the younger generations flocking. For example, the West End is currently home to Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Matilda as well as JK Rowling's infamous favourite wizard Harry Potter And The Cursed Child. This is to just name a few. 

The theatre can be quite the expensive treat and that can be more difficult for younger people to afford but that's not to say they won't go to the theatre. West End Live showcases the best there is to offer each year which is constantly drawing in new theatre goers. The famous are all eager to do a theatre stint and with that comes their fans. There is always ways of attracting in newer and younger theatre goers and I'm sure there always will be. Besides, there isn't a constant stream of middle aged people. We grow up, we get older and no matter what there will always be an audience for the theatre.



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Jade Ali

Loving all works of literature and drama, theatre had always been in my life but when I moved to London in 2012, and having the West End at my feet, that's when my real love began. Whilst my passion lies behind the writing and making of plays and musicals, there is nothing like seeing that brought to life.

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