My Musicals Bucket List

By Jade Ali
Thursday 22 September 2016

It is with deep shame that I must admit, despite my great love for theatre and musicals in particular, that I have not seen anywhere near as many as I should have. You may be thinking, ‘I’m sure your lack of musical watching can’t be all that bad?’ well then you’d be wrong and I’m about to change your mind. Although, first let me offer the excuse that musicals are really expensive and… that’s about as much as I can offer.

1. Les Misérables

Please don’t judge me. I know it’s bad that I actually haven’t been to see what is probably considered one of the greatest musicals especially when it’s been running on the West End for over 30 years. All of this is a big part of why I want to go and see it. It’s gripped thousands and thousands of people. It’s a staple part of your musical education and I need to learn further.

2. Wicked

So, obviously I’ve seen the Wizard of Oz (I’m not a complete hopeless case) and of course I love it so it goes hand in hand that I’d want to see Wicked. Clearly it’s a hit show what with its 10 year run on the West End alone and it’s dazzling UK tours. It’s honestly shocking that I, in all my 22 years, have still not seen this musical. Something I hope to remedy as soon as possible.

3. The Phantom of the Opera

When you think of musicals, you think of The Phantom of the Opera. It’s so classical and raved about. Anytime there is a musical pop culture reference in either film, television or book it’s this musical that they refer to. I think more of what makes it seem so classical, in my eyes, is the use of the mask and how it odes to the masks worn in the beginning of theatre by the Ancient Greeks. 

4. The Lion King

In my defence, I have seen parts of this great musical performed at West End Live so at least I’m not a complete uncultured swine and I know the Disney animated film by heart. It’s really saddening that I have not seen The Lion King, even after four years of living in London, as I love it. It is also in the West End’s top ten running shows so there’s all the more reason of why I should go. 

5. Mamma Mia!

Okay, I have only ever seen the Mamma Mia movie (ducks for cover). I know that the movie holds a lot of controversy and is often seen as a joke but that’s all part of what makes it so great to me. I don’t know how the musical compares and I think to be able to call myself a musical fan that I really ought to see this Abba fest of a musical. 

Embarrassment over. I know not having seen these musicals is ridiculous but being a musical and having that kind of a reputation is really extraordinary. When a musical speaks (or sings) for itself and people flock to it on its own, well then that’s really a big hint that it’s good. They’re must see’s for a reason and I really must see these musicals. What musicals are you embarrassed not to have seen and what is on your own musical bucket list?


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Jade Ali

Loving all works of literature and drama, theatre had always been in my life but when I moved to London in 2012, and having the West End at my feet, that's when my real love began. Whilst my passion lies behind the writing and making of plays and musicals, there is nothing like seeing that brought to life.

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