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Haydon Eshun

Born 18th June 1982, Haydon Eshun is a veteran pop singer from England. In 1992, Simon Cowell signed him at BMG records. He was only nine years old and frontman of the then-grossing boy band Ultimate Kaos.

Eshun’s first big hit occurred in 1994 when the song Some Girls reached UK Top 10. In the same year, his band was opened for the massive Take That Tour. During that time, Michael Barrymore asked him to come down to the Barrymore TV Show, and they sang and danced. This brought in a massive response from the spectators and Eshun was requested to perform alongside Barrymore on his Theatre programme.

The spotlight fell on him once again when he appeared in the TV series Reborn in the USA. He was a viewer-favourite and secured 4th position in the competition.



He is in Gary Lloyd’s Thriller Live as the lead vocalist.


Haydon has appeared in multiple television shows as himself and with his band Ultimate Kaos, including Hangar 17 (Series, 1993); The White Room (series, 1995); Live & Kicking (series, 1994-95); What’s Up Doc? (series, 1994-95); Top of the Pops (series, 1994-95); Surprise Surprise! (series, 1995); The Vibe (series, 1995); Scratchy & Co. (series, 1995); The O-Zone (series, 1994-95); The Greatest Music Party in the World (TV Special, 1995); Musica si (series, 1998); Reborn in the USA (series, 2003) and Making Your Mind Up (TV Movie, 2004).


He has an extensive list of tracks with Ultimate Kaos and solo. His voice features on Now Dance ’95, TMF Hitzone: Best of ’98, Bravo Hits Vol. 22, MTV: The Lick, Pure R&B Vol. 3, Alcantara Café and Excite at Sirens; these are only a few of all the music credits Haydon has. With his band, he created some noteworthy tracks like Kaos Theory and Smile Some More.