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Matilda The Musical Tickets

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Cambridge TheatreLondon
Roald Dahl's darkly comic musical continues to wow West End audiences.
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Matilda tickets are available now!

Roald Dahl's beloved childhood story comes to life on stage in Matilda the Muscal, a tale of hope and belonging, reminding us that even if you're little you can do a lot!

Matilda tickets are the perfect treat for the whole family! Book your tickets for Matilda today at the Cambridge Theatre London to see Matilda take down the wicked old Trunchbull!

Matilda is living in revolting times!

Matilda’s parents think she is a nuisance and she thinks, quite rightly, they are only interested in watching telly. Life is not much better at school, where the monstrous headmistress Miss Trunchbull terrifies both students and teachers alike. Then one day Matilda discovers she has a very special power and decides it's time the grown-ups were taught a lesson. Be warned, the children are revolting!

Inspired by the twisted genius of Roald Dahl, with original songs from comedian Tim Minchin and book by Dennis KellyMatilda the Musical at the Cambridge Theatre is the captivating new musical masterpiece from the Royal Shakespeare Company that revels in the anarchy of childhood, the power of imagination and the inspiring story of a girl who dares to change her destiny.

Winner of over 99 international awards, including 24 for Best Musical, and a whole host of five-star reviews, Matilda the Musical continues to delight audiences of all ages.

The cast of Matilda

The adult cast of Matilda The Musical includes Rakesh Boury as Mr Wormwood, Lauren Byrne as Miss Honey/Parent, Elliot Harper as Miss Trunchbull, Amy Ellen Richardson as Mrs Wormwood, and Landi Oshinowo as Mrs Phelps/Ensemble. 

The cast is complete by Felipe Bejarano, Connor Lewis, Alistair So, James Wolstenholme, Angeline Bell, Liberty Buckland, Gemma Scholes, Oliver Bingham, Dianté Lodge, Michael Gardiner, Thea Bunting, Kate Kenrick, Aaron Jenkins, Sam Lathwood.

The child cast of Matilda The Musical includes Victoria Alsina/Maisie Mardle/Laurel Sumberg/Heidi Williams as Matilda, Leo Babet/Kylan Denis/Riotafari Gardner/Ashton Robertson as Bruce, Mia Atkinson/Isabelle Mullally/Raphaella Philbert as Amanda, Lily Hanna/Jasmine Nyenya/Jasmine Pottinger-Scott as Lavender, Florence Burt/Shayla McCormack/Lucia Wratten as Alice, Poppy Caton/Tia Isaac/Miley Kayongo as Hortensia, Zuri-Michel Charalambou/Jack Philpott/Andrei Shen as Eric. 

The child cast of Matilda The Musical is completed by Zuri-Michel Charalambou, Jack Philpott, Andrei Shen, Brodie Edwards, Leon Saunders, Noah Swer-Fox, Jude Farrant, Finley Harlett and Riley Plummer.

Tickets for Matilda are available now!

Playing to packed houses and standing ovations since its debut, the critcally-acclaimed Matilda in an unmissable! Book your tickets today to see this moving story!

Matilda reviews

"The quest for a great new musical is over. London (and before long, presumably, the world) has just that in Matilda" - Evening Standard
"Utterly exhilarating. Matilda explodes onto the stage" - Independent
"Gleefully nasty. An evening of unadulterated bliss" - Guardian
"Hilarious, moving, glorious" - Daily Telegraph
"Giddily enjoyable. Roars of approval shake the theatre" - Sunday Express

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