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Variant 31: An Immersive Survival Experience Tickets

Space 18, London1.01 reviews
Think you have what it takes to survive? Variant 31 tickets will test your stamina, skills and resolve.

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Variant 31 tickets for Europe’s largest immersive survival experience in London now!

Are you convinced you could survive a horror movie? Are normal escape games too boring for you? Then test your meddle and survival skills against Variant 31. Toss your game controller aside, jump off the sofa and enter a world of horror in this unmissable live-action video game event! 

What is the premise for the Variant 31 immersive experience?

A powerful modern weapon that could give you power over death itself, but the Variant 31 experiment went horribly wrong. Now it’s up to you to see if you can escape the 25,000 square foot interactive survival experience.

Space 18 has been equipped with the now firey and derelict Toxico Technologies. The abominable scientific experiments and horrific tests conducted by a mad team of scientists are responsible for the company's inevitable demise. 

Rumours spread in the early 1990s of experiments against humanity, including experimentation with toxic and noxious chemical compounds, bring the dead back to life, mutant humans. And then that's when a strange fire broke out within the compound, damaging everything and everyone in sight. 25 years later, the doors to the compound have been reopened and this time you're the lab rat.

Do you have the courage to wander through a world of ruin to unveil the terrifying secrets that lie underneath? Prepare for a world that blurs the lines between fact and fiction. Find your way out of the maze and find your way back to the free world. Can you make your way through the dark or will you let your fears get the best of you? Complete your objectives, earn points, defeat the mutant creatures. Hunt, or be hunted. Do you have what it takes?

The Doctor has arrived and its time to get your meds right.

What to expect from Variant 31

Variant 31, the live-action video game experience, is set in the brand-new venue Space 18, which has been specially built for this interactive production. Space 18 is a massive block comprised of seven building that spans 35 floors and 42,000 square feet. You, the player, along with your companions will embark on a 90-minute adrenaline rush adventure and will be free to explore the complex at your own free will.

Team up with your friends to solve puzzles or try to work through it all on your own. With more than 1000 different routes to choose from, no two experiences will be the same. Your journey is completely up to you. Use the wearable technology to unlock hidden levels, gain advantages and engage in one-on-one actor experiences.

More than 150 highly-skilled and trained actors with experience in parkour, fire poi, full contact and stage combat and aerial acrobatics will be engaging you on your way through this immersive experience nestled in a secret location in the heart of London’s West End. Traverse your way through treacherous corridors, foggy chambers, and more than 200 rooms. Are you ready for adventure?

Variant 31 immersive London theatre tickets on sale now at affordable prices

Tickets for Variant 31 are only for the bravest and most agile. Book your Variant 31 tickets now for the experience of a lifetime.


Additional Information

Running time

90 minutes no interval

Performance dates

16 September - 31 December 2019.


This experience is only suitable for the brave and adventurous. The production utilises strong language, simulated violence, actor nudity and is a high-adrenaline, fast-paced, full-contact survival game. This experience is not meant for the faint of heart, expectant mothers, those with claustrophobia or asthma, or those suffering from recent surgery, trauma, phobias, heart conditions, PTSD or any other MENTAL, PHYSICAL, or MEDICAL AFFLICTIONS. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK. During your tour of Variant 31, audience members will encounter scenarios designed to elicit psychological and physical terror. Our production uses simulated gunfire, fog, flames, explosions, smells, liquid, creatures, weapons, pitch darkness, sudden loud noises, strobe lighting, blood, and full contact performance techniques to create an authentic apocalyptic environment.

Special notes

Production times: The production features five highly-themed bar spaces. The first, the Toxicology Lab, is available one hour prior to showtime. Patrons are encouraged to arrive as early as possible. Patrons must arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to their scheduled entry time. Dress Code: All Patrons must wear comfortable, close-fitting clothing that they can easily move around in. We DO NOT recommend valuable clothing or shoes for this experience. You may get wet and/or dirty during your experience. We have ample restroom facilities if you’d like to change before your experience. The Production retains the right to deny entry to patrons at any time if we deem your clothing and/or footwear to be unsafe. Patrons must wear closed-toe shoes. No heels, stilettos, or sandals permitted. Cloakroom: The Production operates a cloakroom where all ancillary items must be secured prior to your experience. Guests are not permitted to bring any items into the experience. Waiver: In order to participate, all audience members must complete our sign-in process, which includes agreeing to the terms and conditions of entry, as well as signing an indemnity waiver. These legally binding documents are available online prior to ticket purchasing, a link is included in the confirmation email, and it will be available during the sign in process at the attraction. Government Issued ID: All patrons must submit a government issued ID to confirm identity details, including age. All patrons must be 18+. Security & Metal Detectors: All Patrons will be subjected to metal detector screening during the production. Influence of Alcohol & Substances: The Production has a strict, no-tolerance policy for patrons suspected to be under the use of excessive alcohol or illegal substances. Each patron has a strict two-drink limit prior to the show beginning. Any patron suspected to be under excessive influence of alcohol or other substances will be refused entry or removed from the attraction without refund. The safety of our actors, staff, and patrons are always our top priority. Venue Rights: The Venue and Production retain the right to refuse entry or remove any patron at any time, for any reason, without refund or explanation.


Due to the tight corridors, moments of pitch blackness, winding stairs, sudden loud noises, strobe lights, and content of an intense nature: the production will not be suitable for all guests, in particular guests with mobility or emotional restrictions.

Venue Information

Space 1839 - 41 New Oxford Street, London, WC1A 1BN

Customer Reviews

1 reviews1.0

Daniel Tinta19th September

Falsely advertised not at all what it claimed to be only went for 30 minutes, no weather changing effects no zclub, boasts 150 actors there was about 6 zombies and 5 bored looking scientists