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View From The Shard Tickets

The ShardLondon
If you are looking for the perfect views of London, this is the ultimate place to witness it from. A 360 degree experience!

Visit The Shard in London with The View from The Shard Tour!

Nearly twice the height of any other viewing platform in London, The View From The Shard is a multi-sensory journey to 244m (800ft) above one of the greatest cities on earth in the tallest building in Western Europe. The View From The Shard tour offers some of the very best views with the city of London laid out in all directions. London's past, present and future are then brought to life at a height of 310m (1,016ft) with a 360 degree, 64km (40mile) view of London complete with Multimedia displays.

Stay connected! Wifi throughout The Shard allows guests to share their experiences immediately for free.

Your journey through The Shard - A Step by Step Guide

Entrance and Level One: 
From the entrance at Joiner Street, guests begin their exploration of the UK’s capital. Over 140 famous Londoners in playful juxtapositions.

Around the gallery, animated maps and video screens set the historic context of The Shard’s London Bridge location – the oldest crossing point over the Thames - around which the city has expanded.

Guests also have the opportunity to have their picture taken in front of ‘green screens’ capturing them in front of the perfect view over London. Prepare to travel skywards towards the view.

Soaring Skywards:
In total, guests travel in four separate lifts up and down to the viewing galleries. The lifts travel at six meters per second, making the total lift journey time from Level 1 to level 68 around 60 seconds.

Transfer Zone (Level 33): 
Guests transfer lifts at Level 33 through an all-enveloping graffiti word map of London.

The Cloudscape (Level 68):
Guests depart the lifts at level 68. Here the view is obscured with playful cloudscapes and the names of different cloud formations that guests might see from the viewing decks on Levels 69 and 72.

Each cloud has an indication of what weather might be following its appearance.

The indoor viewing galleries and Tell: Scopes (Level 69):
Level 69 is the triple-height, light-filled, main viewing gallery where breath-taking, 360 degree views for up to 40 miles (64km) over the capital are revealed.

The city of London is brought to life on 12, free to use, ‘Tell: scopes’ – ultra high-tech digital telescopes that are being used in Europe for the first time. The Tell: scopes enable guests to explore the city around them in real time, as well as offering alternative (pre-recorded) day and night-time views. Fully interactive, they are able to identify over 200 famous landmarks and places of significant interest and offer information about them in 10 languages.

Partial outdoor viewing gallery (Level 72):
For the most profound experience, guests can go higher to the viewing gallery at Level 72 (800ft/244m). Here, at the very highest public level of the building, partially open-air and exposed to the elements, guests are surrounded by the giant shards of glass that form the top of The Shard and can fully experience the sounds and atmosphere of the city below. Looking up guests can see the very pinnacle of the shard (see above).

The Sky Boutique – the highest shop in London:
Level 68 features an exclusive boutique that enables guests to take home mementoes of their visit to The View from The Shard with bespoke designs and limited edition souvenirs.

One of the gifts on sale is a cuddly fox toy in honour of Romeo, the fox that was found roaming the upper levels of The Shard during its construction. Romeo survived by eating scraps of food left by builders before being captured, cared for by vets and released back into the London bridge area.

Descent and exit:
Guests descend in multimedia-enhanced lifts that reflect the trip back down to earth. The sky recedes, the seasons change, and the hustle and bustle of the streets of London comes into focus. Visitors arrive back in the ground floor gallery, and an extensive gift shop.

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Tickets from 1 April 2019

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