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Pete Townsend's Classic Quardophenia Tickets

Royal Albert HallLondon
Guitarist Pete Townshend presents a new orchestral version of one of The Who's landmark albums.

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As part of The Who's 50th Anniversary celebrations, Deutsche Grammophon present a world premiere concert of the new 'symphonised' version of Quadrophenia.

Pete Townshend has created a new orchestral version of one of The Who's landmark albums,Quadrophenia. The new incarnation of this classic rock opera is the latest chapter in Townshend's lifelong mission to break the three-minute mould of the traditional pop song and take rock music to a higher artistic level.

In the 1960s he defined the concept of the "rock opera" with Tommy, taking it a stage further with Quadrophenia. Conceived and written by Townshend in 1973, Quadropheniawent on to become an iconic feature film.

The new "symphonised" version of Quadrophenia, an album originally released by The Who in 1973, was orchestrated by Rachel Fuller, a professional composer, orchestrator and singer-songwriter. It will be released by the Deutsche Grammophon with a world premiere concert at the Royal Albert Hall, performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra andLondon Oriana Choir, conducted by Robert Ziegler, and starring Pete Townshend andAlfie Boe, who sings the parts originally sung by Roger Daltrey.