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Los Vivancos Tickets

London ColiseumLondon

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LOS VIVANCOS is a fusion of dance including ballet, flamenco and street dance by seven Spanish brothers, Elías, Judah, Josua, Cristo, Israel, Aarón and Josué Vivancos.

Founded in 2006 the brother's showsLOS VIVANCOS, which they refer to as "Extreme Flamenco Fusion" dance mix classical ballet, contemporary dance, classical Spanish, break dance, tap dance, martial arts, theatre and circus music also merging flamenco classical, rock, hip-hop and movie soundtracks.

Their shows combine the performing arts and music, and as well as dancers the seven brothers are musicians.  They also interpret, design, produce, choreograph and direct their shows as well as composing musical scores.

The LOS VIVANCOS brothers will perform a one-off at the London Coliseum on the 9th July.

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