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London Coliseum, London2.18 reviews
Ivan Putrov’s celebration of the male dancer returns for two nights only.

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Men in Motion for 2 nights only at the London Coliseum!

Award-winning dancers Matthew Ball, Irek Mukhamedov, Daniel Proietto and Edward Watson are among those joining dancer and producer Ivan Putrov in a new production of his thrilling and illuminating exploration of the changing role of the male dancer over the last century. Men in Motion pays homage to the great dancers and choreographers of the past and showcases some of the most exciting artists at work today.

'It makes a pretty wonderful case for the male dancer.' - The Guardian

'Showcasing male strength, beauty and diversity at its best.' - Harper's Bazaar

To the accompaniment of a live orchestra, the evening includes pieces by great choreographers from Michel Fokine to Russell Maliphant. Ivan Putrov dances the role made famous by Nijinsky in Le Spectre de la Rose and  Daniel Proietto performs the exquisite Afterlight, a piece inspired by Nijinsky. Royal Ballet principal, Edward Watson, reprises the comic but ultimately poignant Volver which sees him move from matinee idol to spiderman. Matthew Ball, rising star of The Royal Ballet, makes his London Coliseum debut and the legendary Irek Mukhamedov makes a welcome return to the stage in a new work created for him by Arthur Pita.

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Additional Information

Age restriction

Children under 5 will not be admitted.

Running time

To be confirmed.

Performance dates

22 November 2017 - 23 November 2017


Recommended for ages 5 and above.

Venue Information

London Coliseum33 St Martin's Lane, London, WC2N 4ES

Customer Reviews

8 reviews2.1

Adam27th November

Apart from a fabulous male pas de deux, the production was disappointing, uninspiring and lacked any cohesion.

Mark Kelly24th November

Disappointed that the theatre decided to censor the show. There is no place for censorship in art. If a patron is moved by the piece - in whatever form - that is the point.

Chrissie Messenger24th November

Very poor though good in places. Over charged by ticket agent which is shocking and upsetting

andrihter mukokwayarira23rd November

This was sincerely the worst £60 I ever spent. I was utterly underwhelmed by the disjointed haphazard piece. The ending was the WORST entertainment I’ve ever subjected my poor eyes and ears. Wow!

Florence Depraz23rd November

If the dancers were good, the show itself was very poor, with a lot of waiting - with no music and no light - between choreographies, and an « introduction » that lasted so long we thought there was a problem like the artists were not ready or there was a technical problem they woulfn’t Admit to the audience !. I’ve seen a lot of people leave before the end of the show and I nearly did it myself, first time ever.

Jeffery Dunn23rd November

Very sad and disappointed in this production. Left at intermission. The show lacked a flow and gave the feeling of something wrong or drama backstage. Glad to hear that those patrons who watched till the end were redeemed with some semblance of dance.I didn’t want to stay feeling that my doing so would only heighten my frustrations.

Wanda GASE-GOODEY23rd November

Personally I wouldn't give it a star at all. We walked out half way through the first half of the production. It was one of THE WORST dance productions I have ever seen. The nonsense at the beginning was embarrassing. Keep your money and go for a really good Christmas drink instead, you'll enjoy that way better.

Catherine Sugiyama23rd November

At least a five star experience. We discussed this performance and my mother did find that she enjoyed the more classical numbers. And I felt that the first number was a wonderful conversation starter. I appreciated the fact that that type of performance art was included. I feel that and the tambourine performance gave a strong voice of the artists and their motivation and life experience that is sometimes not considered by the audience. Bravo!!????????????????????