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Bromance: The Dudesical Tickets

Other Palace StudioLondon
Tickets for Bromance: The Dudesical in its London premiere are now available!

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Bromance: The Dudesical tickets are extremely limited, the London premiere of Bromance is only 8 shows.

Bromance: The Dudesical takes you on a journey through the hilarious misadventures of a group of mates after a hell of a St Patrick's day in Chicago.

When lonely IT guy Marty, who is new to the city, runs into Dick and his two buddies he realises that he has to be part of their group. Dick finds Marty's naivety amusing and decides to bring him into the clique, but only after the guys teach Marty the true art of 'Brotocol', otherwise know as the rules, joys, and importance of being a true bro. To prove his loyalty, Marty must follow the boys on a set of crazy dudeventures which get wilder and more dangerous as they go on.

We see the Bro's at their favourite watering hole and then follow them on Marty's crazy antics from the tame (gorging on chilli cheese fries at 11pm) to the downright insane (skydiving out of a plane).

Come down to The Other Palace for all the beer, banter, and bros you need in your life.

Smart lyrics, top tunes, LOL funny. Guaranteed to get anybody aboard the musical theatre train!

Don't miss your chance to score tickets to Bromance: The Dudesical in London! Book now to avoid disappointment.