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King Kong Tickets

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Broadway can't contain its mightiest musical... King Kong is rumoured to be making a West End transfer!

King Kong The Musical rumoured to be making a transfer to London’s West End!

The epic King Kong musical has been making a lot of noise over on Broadway since premiering in October 2018 and hopefully, it won’t be long until sensation makes a boom in London’s West End. Tickets for King Kong are going to be must-haves once this transfer opens up its doors because who isn’t desperate to see this classic brought to life on stage? Especially when said classic includes a 20-foot-tall gorilla that can't be tamed, even by Broadway's biggest stage.

The history behind this musical adaptation…

The modern myth that is King Kong has come to life on stage with the mastery of puppetry and the innovative mix of animatronics, stagecraft and music. It is based on the 1933 film of the same name, which is widely considered to be one of the greatest films of all time and was selected to be preserved in the United States National Film Registry. In 2005, the film was remade by Universal Pictures and directed by Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson, and it went on to win numerous major film awards including three Academy Awards.

The creative team behind the King Kong musical…

Broadway’s production, following the original production which began in Australia in 2013, was written by the Tony and Olivier Award-winning writer of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’s, Jack Thorne. Direction and choreography come from the Olivier award-winning Drew McOnie (In The Heights, Jesus Christ Superstar) while the show's brilliant score was composed and produced by multi-award-winning Marius de Vries. His vast career has seen him working with numerous big names and on huge productions in both theatre and film. He’s best-known for his music direction and production on award-winning hit musical La La Land.

What is King Kong about?

The story is set in 1931 when New York was in the grip of the Great Depression. The city is glum with the pressure of such hard times but there’s still hope. A young actress is at the forefront: Ann Darrow, who represents the hope and whose dreams and determination are as grand-scale as the 'damned dirty' ape she’s destined to meet. Her big break seems to present itself in the form of filmmaker, Carl Denham. Together they journey to Skull Island where she meets Kong. Surprisingly, Ann finds she shares a kindred spirit with this interesting creature, so when she discovers Denham’s plan to capture the ape and take him to New York, she finds herself at a crossroad.

Just like the fantastic beast Kong, this new musical is set to be magnificent, huge and epic. King Kong London theatre tickets are expected to be in high demand and the musical's spectacular story of an unlikely friendship is going to have West End audiences gripped and begging for more!

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