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Want to visit the West End, but not sure where to start?  Well searching for the London Theatre Guide should hopefully put you in the right direction!

There are many websites, brochures, newspapers offering advice and guides about the current theatre programs.  They are extremely helpful and informative, so you should not have any problem knowing what’s on and when!  The guides will provide you with theatre information, what’s currently on at the venue, the location, the timings, and maybe even a price guideline, so you know what to expect when purchasing tickets!

Most guides are easy to read, breaking down the information into sections.  There are normally sections on Musicals/Drama/Plays to make everything as easy to read and understand as possible.

One very useful headline to look out for inside the guides is the ‘reviews’  Bear in mind it is only one persons opinion, however more often than not they are a good general guide of what the show is about, and whether it is something which you fancy.  If you are not sure, read a few reviews and see how they compare...or go yourself and make a new review!  There is normally a star rating code so you can see how the show is rated from 5 stars being excellent to 1 star, being dismal or disappointing.

The guides will often highlight each theatres seating plan, which is very helpful when wanting to buy the best tickets.  The theatre layouts vary and are often confusing with different named levels in the auditorium, so if in doubt, you can check the guide!  It should also display the facilities available at the theatre, so you can really plan your trip ahead to ensure a smooth enjoyable evening.

Location Map of the theatres is normally provided, so this is a big help when planning your journey into the city, whether it is coinciding train times or parking.

Some websites or newspapers may insert information about which actors have received awards for their outstanding work or contributions – so this may actually persuade you to visit the show to watch an exceptional performance.

Tickets are often advertised through the guides, so it is a good way to source tickets of your choice.

The best London Theatre Guide should contain all of the above information for you, so hopefully these pointers can put you in the right direction when looking for the best shows to visit.

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