Beautiful Thing - The reviews are in!

Posted on 20 April 2013

Suranne Jones, Coronation Street's feisty Karen McDonald and star of Vincent and Scott & Bailey, heads the cast in the revival of Jonathan Harvey's coming of age story Beautiful Thing at the Arts Theatre.  The play revolves around two young boys on a council estate in the early nineties, Jamie and Ste, coming to terms with their burgeoning sexuality.  Following the play's initial 1993 premiere it was brought to a wider audience with a 1996 film version.  Jones plays Sandra, Ste's feisty mother, played by Linda Henry in the screen adaptation.


Here's a selection of some of the reviews for the new production:

"This 20th Anniversary production boasts some ingenious casting, including Suranne Jones as feisty mum Sandra.  Jones is on top form, making the most of every delicious scathing put down towards neighbour Leah (Zaraah Abrahams).  Her energy, and comic timing are crafted to a perfection...This is beautifully matched with the second half of the play, where we see a more maternal and caring side of Sandra, which Jones plays with a gentle realism, whilst still relishing her one-liners."   So So Gay magazine

"Under Nikolai Foster’s brisk direction Jake Davies as Jamie and Danny-Boy Hatchard as Ste are touchingly vulnerable as the teenagers finding their way towards love"   The Telegraph

"Danny-Boy Hatchard runs the emotional gamut as closed off, confused Ste, living his life in fear of violence from his father and brother.   Hatchard, equally good at cocky posturing and sensitive and lonely, creates some lovely, subtle moments between Ste and Jamie (Jake Davies)...Davies has the most to do and excels at all of it – from comedy to pure hurt, he’s beautifully nuanced throughout"

"Jones earns her star-billing with a spot-on performance as the brittle Sandra, perfectly balancing the character's breezy confidence and fiery temper with her inner vulnerability, especially when she discovers what her son and his best friend have been getting up to."

"Jake Davies and the bizarrely named Danny-Boy Hatchard are completely convincing as the two lovers.  They are ably supported by Coronation Street's Suranne Jones as Jamie's loud-mouthed mum Sandra and Zaraah Abrahams as teenage neighbour Leah, who is obsessed with singing star Mama Cass"     The Express

"Nikolai Foster's beautifully acted revival is totally attuned to the play's swirling mix of emotion and hilarity.  This generous, optimistic play remains a beautiful little thing."   The Guardian.

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