Cheap Theatre Tickets London West End

Posted on 31 October 2011

Cheap theatre tickets in London’s West End can be found if you are willing to spend a little time searching, and willing to be flexible when it comes to days, times and seats!

Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. So naturally the higher price tickets, the better the seats, and as you’ve probably guessed, the lower rate tickets, would normally have a less quality seat – perhaps at the back/side of the auditorium, or a restricted view.

However, in these current ‘times of crisis’ where the recession is taking over in most countries, there are a lot of companies out there willing to make special offers and discounts – (and that’s not just in the theatre industry, so whatever you plan to buy it is most definitely worth the time to search the best deals available)

There are many companies competing to sell the same product, and as ticket agencies have to add on their booking fees, this can definitely influence the price of a ticket.

So you could start by looking at the ticket agencies, and comparing the price, but remember the price will reflect the seat. If you are to compare prices, make sure the seats are of the same face value to you get a true match. All companies should display this.

The internet will provide a good search of companies offering tickets, but the other important thing to remember is to make sure the agent/seller is a member of S.T.A.R organisation, the Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers and is the leading self-regulatory body for the entertainment ticketing industry across the United Kingdom

STAR operates within guidelines supported by, amongst others, the Society of London Theatre and the Office of Fair Trading. So you know if you buy through a STAR member, you are buying in confidence!

You can search for cheap tickets at ticket booths in the Soho/west end area of London. Some theatres offer day tickets, whereby you can queue on a first come first served basis for a discounted ticket for a show that night. Make sure you research first as only a select few theatres do this.

The local/free London newspapers also have offers at times, so if you commute into London, make sure you read your copy to spot any offers.

Some train companies offer 2 for 1 on tickets as well, all terms and booking information should be provided, so that you can benefit from the cheap theatre tickets in the West End.