Posted on 2 February 2018

Eugenius is the geek heart ballad you’ve been waiting for since Loserville. It’s difficult being the new musical on the block but it has nothing to worry about, as it’s the ultimate feel-good musical, that will have your heart soaring in more ways than one. The songs may be new, but they’ll have you singing along in no time and it won’t stop there, as you will have these numbers in your head for longer than anticipated. “Don’t Shoot For The Stars, Shoot Higher” is definitely a piece of advice this musical has taken on.

Stardom is certainly an element in this show with Star Wars and Harry Potter actor Warwick Davis as producer and Mark Hamill (Yes, THE Mark Hamill) as the voice of Kevin. Although, this isn’t the only sparkle that shines from this musical. Liam Forde makes his West End debut, as Eugene, and certainly makes a big splash in the show business pond. He’s a natural, emotions pour from him; so strong and yet so eloquent. His voice is beautiful, both quiet and bold. Now, if you’re a geek and a musical fan, then you’ll recognise Eugene’s best friend, Feris, as Daniel Buckley, from Loserville. The entirety of this cast come together to make a fantastic ensemble, singing and dancing, shooting higher than the stars for sure. However, it is love interest and best friend, Janey, played by the lovely Laura Baldwin, that shines unapologetically bright. She brings all the quirkiness and fierceness that makes sure her character isn’t left on the sidelines, whilst boasting a mighty voice that’s sure to induce goosebumps and chills for the entire audience.  

Now the story of Eugenius follows the dreams of a geeky boy in the 80s who, with the help of his friends, achieves all he never thought possible. The story will have you giggling and giddy at the numerous pop culture references, many being to the likes of Star Wars, Star Trek and comics galore. If you’re a geek then this musical is definitely for you, if you feel invisible then this musical is for you and if you feel like your dreams are too out of reach then again, this musical is for you. This show has all the elements you wish for in a musical; hit after hit, an all-rounded cast, a story that is all about dreams coming true and a teenage love story as a cherry on top of the cake.

The story is straightforward, a classic already, proving that a bit of a cliché is always craved. The set is simple, built over three levels and it works perfectly, giving the perfect space for the story to come to life. The costumes are both simple and flamboyant, summarising the 80’s in a nutshell. The music is wonderfully written and performed just as well. There just is no fault to this new British musical that is set to take the West End by storm. Trust me, you won’t want to miss out on Eugenius! and you probably won’t be satisfied with just the one viewing.


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By Jade Ali

A love for theatre stemmed from my love of literature and music, but the West End on my doorstep opened up a whole new appreciation and passion for all things stage-y