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    Gift Ideas For The Thespian With Everythin'

    Buying gifts is always a challenge. But, if you can focus on a specific interest of your lucky gift-receiver, you at least have a good starting point. From there, you just need ideas related to that interest... So, here are some gift ideas for if you are buying for a thespian.

    Tickets & CDs
    Obviously! Theatre tickets will always go down well with a Thespian. However, they are often difficult presents to buy: When are they available? Who would go with them? Equally, CDs are well-received but, again, questions arise: What shows do they like? Do they already have that The Lion King or Wicked cast recording?
    All in all, although tickets and CDs can be really, really great gifts, you might want to look for something that will be logistically easier. Or, you may want to find something less expensive. If tickets are what you want to get your Thespian friend, you can always check for offers and discount theatre tickets.
    Small theatres sometimes offer gift vouchers. Theatres that show a wide variety of shows are ideal for this, since your Thespian will definitely be able to find something that appeals to them. No risk involved.
    Similarly, companies that sell tickets (not the theatres themselves) often offer theatre vouchers and, again, this can be prove to be a safe, logistically sound gift.
    Official Merchandise
    If you find out a few shows that your Thespian particularly likes, try looking on the show's website; they will almost certainly sell official merchandise (jewelry, keyrings, T-shits – the list goes on). The advantages of this sort of gift is that you can be thoughtful (finding out their favourite show; making the effort) but still be sure that the gift will be appreciated. Additionally, you will nearly always be able to find something in your price range – whatever that may be.
    Personalised Jewelry
    Theatre-related jewelry, much like official merchandise, is a thoughtful and lovely gift to give a Thespian. You can often find jewelry that is specifically made in relation to a certain show. However, if you want to give something more unique, you can just as easily find jewelry online which you can then choose to have engraved with something theatrical – a quote, for example, or logo / symbol. Thoughtful, unique, fitting to any price range – you can't go wrong.
    I have to say, on a personal note, that I particularly love my 'Defy Gravity' necklace – a gift from two friends.
    Other Personalised Items
    There are numerous other personalised items that you could buy The Thespian. A keyring, for example (I have a lovely keyring that reads: 'Warning – may spontaneously burst into song'). As with personalised jewelry, this can either be made as a theatrical gift, or personalised to suit each person.
    Another great thing about engraved items is that you can give what would normally be seen as a good gift and make it even better with a theatrical touch. For example, an engraved hip flask; wine glass; photo frame – the list goes on.
    If you want to veer away from the engraving idea, you could just as easily find a photo (either a picture of the Thespian themselves, or perhaps a drawing relating to a show / theatre in general) and use it to personalise a mug, coaster, place-mat – the list, again, goes on.
    Unique items like this are particularly great for the Thespian who 'has everything'.

    Having received some absolutely lovely theatre-related gifts from my own friends and family, I can vouch for the fact that gifts such as those mentioned above are extremely likely to go down well with most Thespians. Happy shopping!

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