GOSSIP: The public have spoken - shows you want back the West End!

Posted on 24 April 2013

Some shows pop in and out of the West End on a seemingly regular basis over the years, while others have their runs cut short due to disappointing sales, but are still remembered fondly by those who saw them.  Then there are the high calibre plays with star-billing that seem to sell out within minutes but cannot extend due to the lead's other commitments.   We asked our Twitter followers which shows they wanted back in the West End...and they spoke!

Our #TheatreGenie asked our Twitter followers if they were to be granted one wish, what production they would whisk back into the West End.  West End producers should take note of the people's voice!   Here's a few of their demands that were logged within half an hour of our initial tweet:

@eponine092 (Martina Fenlon), @nclaxman80 (Nina Laxman) and @jameshuishall showed their fondness for one of our favourites, Miss Saigon....with the good news being that the classic show IS on it's way back and will likely re-appear in London in early 2014.   Original producer Cameron Mackintosh is said to be deciding on a venue and auditions for a new Kim were held in Manila, The Philippines in November last year.  Original Engineer Jonathan Pryce is also said to be in talks to repise his role in the revival.   The original production premièred at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, in London on 20 September 1989 and lasted over shows before closing just over a decade later in October 1999.

@riverdancefan and @HarrisonFuller both plumped for the foul-mouthed puppets from Avenue Q.   @SkullyRox (Amanda) and @BrookPlumpton were united in their desire for Sister Act, which is still on a UK tour and has been earmarked for a possible West End return if rumours are to be believed.  @SheilaGardner wanted old-school classic Sunset Boulevard whilst @sjackson92_ (Sophie) piped up for Spring Awakening.

Others included @alisonlouise94 with Chicago, whose ever-changing roster of famous faces helped the 1997 West End revival stick around for almost 15 years.  @WhenTheShoes (Nikki) wanted Starlight Express, @MsNicolaLouise favoured "RENT!" adding "But not that remixed crap", and @DJobling (David Paul Jobling) selected Angels In America.

Sometimes it doesn't take years of nostalgia for a show to become a classic in some people's eyes with both @aimeeleslee and @LucyLoveheart87 piping up for ill-fated new musical Loserville, which charmed the critics and its devoted fans but didn't find a wide enough audience, and had its planned run at the Garrick  Theatre sadly cut short in early January this year.

Some seemed to rue missing out first time round, with @swasaalex wanting a second chance at Hairspray, admitting "Still can't believe I never got round to seeing it."    @drop_of_indigo (Bethan C) proudly demanded "Cats! #notashamed Still gutted I never got to see it live. Or La Cage Aux Folles, because I loved it."

@giglet (Lisa) got a bit greedy with her wishes as she obviously felt spoilt for choice: "RENT, MISS SAIGON, PACIFIC OVERTURES, STARLIGHT EXPRESS, CATS!! Need i go on?"

Not everyone plumped for musicals, with culture vultures wanting some high profile plays back too - along with their original stars.  @cminx68 (Caroline Hadley) favoured Jerusalem with Mark Rylance back at the helm, whilst @deejaymacdee wanted Much Ado About Nothing with Doctor Who co-workers David Tennant and Catherine Tate back treading the boards.  @nataliefisher wanted the original cast if History Boys were to come back.  @Eleanor_Page however went for not long-departed "chariots of fire! Without a doubt"

With such a quick response its clear that there will always be a market for a dearly departed show making a comeback - so if you miss out first time around, don't despair.  You may well get another bite of the cherry!

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