Interview with Grace Mouat and John Owen-Jones from The Great British Bake Off Musical

Posted on 14 February 2023

After spending a short (but sweet) time with Grace Mouat and John Owen-Jones from the Great British Bake Off Musical, it’s clear to see that there aren't any star bakers in this new production, but rather a constellation. Grace and John are keen to let us know the key ingredients to this hotly anticipated musical are the people behind the gingham altar, not the creations placed upon it.

Q&A with Grace Mouat and John Owen-Jones, stars of The Great British Bake Off Musical

What do you love most about the show and your character?

Grace: I love the heart of the show. It is so full of heart! I love the spirit, and the company, and I’m obsessed with my character’s song, it's iconic!

John: The first time we ran the show I was absolutely floored by how moving it was. I cried with laughter at the beginning and cried real tears of emotion at the end. It’s a real rollercoaster! I love that the audience will see the show and be transported to a happier place for two and a half hours. Plus, I get to look like Paul Hollywood...

What's your love language? 

Grace: I love gift-giving. If someone mentions something in March I will log it away in my brain, and then on Christmas day there it is underneath the tree.

John: I'm exactly the same. I will see something for someone in February and will give it to them at Christmastime. We're actors, we like to please people. I like to put a smile on people's faces.

Secret admirers: Are they sweet, or creepy?

Grace: Well I don't know, but if you're there let then let yourself be known! (laughs) Secret admirers are sweet, aren't they? But why are they keeping it a secret? That's the creepy part!  

John: If somebody is sitting on the end of your bed and they're stroking your hair gently, that's creepy! Otherwise, I think they're very sweet. It's nice to be loved, isn't it? 

Valentine's or Palentine's, and how are you spending it? 

Grace: Palentine's all the way! I'm going to the Sylvia press night with my mum, it's going to be great. 

John: I've been married for twenty-four years so It's Valentine's for me. We will just get a takeaway and watch the telly.

What's the most epic theatre romance?

JohnPhantom is a perfect example, the Phantom is willing to kill for love, and that's as romantic as it gets!

Grace: Six the Musical when the queens decide they don't need to compare themselves, and they all come together and sing. That is the best love of all, sisterhood.

John: But ultimately, the greatest theatre love story in any musical is our characters' love for cake in The Great British Bake Off Musical!

What are the key ingredients that make The Great British Bake Off Musical a showstopper?

Grace: The key ingredients are; a good time, fun, laughter, killer vocals, a hilarious script, and heart.

John: All of that, but also there is a very human element to the story. People will come and watch it and they will recognise somebody or will see themselves on stage. 

Were you a fan of The Great British Bake Off before you got the part? 

John:  I was! I had to restrict how much I was watching it as it gave me an excuse not to buy cakes all the time. I love it, I think it's one of the greatest TV shows ever. 

Grace: I had never watched it. I did the workshop in November 2021, and since then I’ve gone back and watched them all. It's great to hear all the tunes in the TV show and recognising them from our show.

John: The musical uses adapted scores from the TV show. It really does knit everything together beautifully. 

What is your signature dish?

Grace: My nan makes the best crumble, it's not me, but can I take that? I'm a cook, not a baker! 

John: I make jalapeno cheddar cheese bread in a Dutch oven, which I loved to do during lockdown. My signature dish is probably a simple margarita pizza.

If the show were a cake, which one would it be?

 Grace: A Victoria Sponge

John: It's almost perfect, isn't it? When people think of cake, they think of Victoria Sponge. I'd go with that, Victoria Sponge.