Musical Revivals, Missed Opportunities & Broadway Transfers (Part 2)

Posted on 16 April 2016

Back in September 2015, we took a look at Musical Revivals and Missed Opportunities. With a new year and new shows announced, it's time to revisit Musical Revivals, Missed Opportunities & Broadway Transfers (Part 2)!

I still stand by many of my choices, though as it happens I will get to see the Mary Poppins tour, as a date near me has been added which I’ll be heading to in July, and I’m hoping the same for the Chicago tour later in the year. But until then, I now have some new additions!
I’m still hoping to see… 
1. Hairspray – I’m aware it is still touring, though unfortunately I missed it as I just couldn’t get the money together. So I’m holding out hope that it will continue to tour and potentially come back to my town again, or that it has a stint on the West End as I’d love to experience the bubblegum fun of Hairspray on stage.

2. Hedwig & The Angry Itch – I actually still need to dig a bit deeper with the story and stories, I keep meaning to watch the film after stumbling across two brilliant songs but I’ve not got there yet. Though, the parts I have seen and heard, I love. I think this would go down very well in the West End if it were revived again here.
For one’s that I’m keen to see come to life…
1. Sleepless – There is very limited information on this show as it’s new, so it’s unclear what is happening with it. But, it’s a new musical that is based on the film “Sleepless in Seattle” and relatively recently, a bunch of talented stars (including Jennie Dale, Kimberley Walsh, Tom Ellis and Harry Collett) came together to take part in a workshop, which is giving me hope that something may come of it soon, and that cast alone is enough to sell it to me! Here’s hoping!

2. Finding Neverland – It will be reaching the West End in 2017. It has seen great success on Broadway, will be flying out on a US tour later in 2016, and our very own Gary Barlow composed it, so surely it’s only logical that it comes here too! I love the story of Peter Pan, I love the music and it won’t be too much longer until the West End gets a look into the world of J.M Barrie and his tale of Peter Pan.

3. School Of Rock – This is Andrew Lloyd Webber’s latest production, which is an adaption of the popular Jack Black film of the same name and it seems to be going down pretty well on Broadway, despite mixed reviews. It was due in the West End this year, but it got pushed back to 2017, and personally it sounds like a show full of fun and energy, so here’s hoping!
What are you excited to see? Or what are you still hoping to see? Let us know!