Official line-up announced for The Illusionists – Direct From Broadway, including four top British illusionists

Posted on 14 March 2019

Double, double toil and trouble. An all-star line-up has been concocted for the upcoming magic extravaganza, The Illusionists – Direct From Broadway. Last seen in London's West End in 2015 and renowned for being the best-selling magic show on the planet, The Illusionists are back with a brand-new show and cast that will have you falling under their spell!

The Illusionists – Direct From Broadway opens at the West End's Shaftesbury Theatre on 6 July 2019 for a total of 86 performances booking until 1 September 2019.

Who is in The Illusionists in the West End?

After crushing box office records on Broadway for the fourth time over, The Illusionists are crossing the pond once again to bring you a new mind-blowing and unforgettable show. While the line-up of illusionists generally changes with every production, the premise remains the same and the magical spectacular never ceases to amaze its audiences.

Starring in The Illusionists – Direct From Broadway at the Shaftesbury Theatre are The Daredevil Jonathan Goodwin, The Futurist Adam Trent, The Manipulator Yu Ho-Jin, The Mentalist Chris Cox, The Showman James More, The Trickster Paul Dabek, and The Unforgettable Enzo.

Meet the new troupe of Illusionists

Jonathan Goodwin, The Daredevil and Escape Artist, is a British-born stunt performer who is widely regarded to be one of the most adept, creative (and some would say crazy) daredevils of his kind. Goodwin has performed such 'pleasant' stunts as being attacked by killer sharks, buried alive, hung from helicopters, burned at the stake, and, perhaps most intriguing, sewn inside the stomach of a dead cow. 'Moo' over Harry Houdini, Goodwin has taken escapology to whole new extremes. The Daredevil and Escape Artist is highly prolific on television and has appeared on such shows as Dangerman: The Incredible Mr Goodwin on the BBC, One Way Out on the Discovery Channel, How Not To Become Sharkbait, The Seven Stupidest Things to Escape From, and the ever-so-lovely and aptly titled Deathwish Live.  

James More, The Showman, is a world-class illusionist who has gone viral many times over. He enjoyed an astonishing run on the 2013 series of Britain's Got Talent, in which he made a huge impact, and boasts the most-watched audition from the series with over 80 million YouTube views. He later became an international sensation thanks to a completely sold-out Russian tour of his show, Theatre of Illusion, after which he was approached by The Illusionists. More has since performed with the group for over two years in countless shows spanning five continents and went on to become the first British magician in history to appear on Broadway. More has appeared on the small screen a number of times, most notably as a guest on NBC's America's Got Talent and Got Talent World Stage. Throughout his career, More has graced the stages of The Hollywood Pantages, the Sydney Opera House, and London's O2 Arena.

Adam Trent, The Futurist, helped originate The Illusionists' first two record-smashing Broadway runs during the US tour. His popularity as a world-renowned magician is undeniable, having appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on more than one occasion as well as on The Today Show, an NBC primetime TV special and his very own TV miniseries comprised of 10 episodes, which premiered on May 2017 on Red Bull TV.

Yu Ho-Jin, The Manipulator, first engaged with magic at the tender age of 9. A decade later, Ho-Jin brought the magic community down to its knees, winning first place in the 2012 Stage Magic and Grand Prix at FISM World Championship of Magic. Yu Ho-Jin is widely regarded to be a game-changer and has been often dubbed "the future of magic." Yu Ho-Jin be nimble. Yo Ho-Jin be quick. Yu Ho-Jin stun you with his magic trick. Witness one of the most artistic manipulators of our time as he performs jaw-dropping magic. No deception. No trickery. Just tricks!

Chris Cox, The Mentalist, is perhaps one of the few mind readers who can't actually read minds. He is best known for starring on such TV shows as Killer Magic and Chris Cox's Mind Boggling Magic and for being the Magic and Illusions Assistant for the London production of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts One and Two. In addition to being an Illusionists veteran who appeared in the Direct From Broadway show in the USA, Mexico, Australia and Canada, Cox is also known for performing in five critically lauded, one-man shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and for appearing on America’s Got Talent (NBC), Heston Blumenthal’s Recipe For Romance (Channel 4), How TV Changed Magic and The Mentalist Revealed (Channel 5), Now You See It (BBC One), One Direction at the BBC Music Awards (BBC), The Project (Channel 9 Australia), and The Secret Of Star Wars (BBC).

Paul Dabek, The Trickster, also hails from the UK and is one of the nation's top entertainers around. Dabek is known for performing on every continent except Antarctica and even enjoyed a residency in the city of sin itself, Las Vegas. In addition to appearing on BBC TV, Dabek has received numerous awards and titles, including being named Young Magician of the Year by both the International Brotherhood of Magicians and the Magic Circle and receiving the British Shield. Find out what this quick-witted trickster has up his sleeve and prepare to be blown away by his charismatic flair, hilarity and spellbinding demeanor.

Enzo, The Unforgettable, certainly lives up to his name. After holding his first magic show when he was just 11 years old, Enzo dreamt of taking his illusions to the next level. After spending a year as an engineering student during which he learnt about electrotechnics and mechanics, Enzo took his home country by storm when he returned to the stage for a show-stopping performance on France's Got Talent. After his stint on Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde a few years later, he rose to prominence all across Europe, appearing at some of the most prestigious festivals and events. Enzo is considered to be a rising star and one to look out for, especially following his return to France's Got Talent in 2013 in which he made a helicopter magically appear on stage, a feat never before seen on television. Most recently at 26 years old, Enzo's show, Beyond Illusions, received its premiere at the famous Casino de Paris. 

About The Illusionists magic show

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