Q&A with Zoe Lyons from An Act of God at The Vaults

God is back... and she has a lot to say! It's a hard business watching the endless infighting and bickering of little humans from Heaven's eaves. And yet it's a job Zoe Lyons (Mock The Week, Celebrity Masterchef) and her trusty winged compadres Gabriel (Matt Tedford, Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho) and Michael (Tom Bowen, Dirty Dancing The Musical) are taking on with glee in their new comedy - An Act of God - created by former ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart’ writer and owner of @TheTweetOfGod, David Javerbaum.

Read Zoe Lyons' thoughts on life amongst the clouds in our exclusive Q&A below and be sure to catch the hilarious An Act of God before booking ends on January 12th, 2020...

Q&A with Zoe Lyons from An Act of God at The Vaults

Exclusive interview with the Almighty Herself - An Act of God actress Zoe Lyons


As powerful roles go God must be very appealing - how does it feel to follow the likes of Jim Parsons, Morgan Freeman and Whoopi Goldberg?

The list of actors who have previously portrayed the Almighty is indeed a divine display of talent, so I am both humbled and delighted to be able to add this role to my CV. I have been very much playing the long game when it comes to getting the meatier parts in productions. At drama school a million years ago, I seemed to specialise in the comedic cameo roles, the club footed maid or the clowning mute so to finally be able to play the ultimate lead role, the creator of heavens and earth is a power rush I am really going to enjoy. I will try not to let it go to my head, but I can’t promise that. There is the potential for me to go full “method” and start lobbing thunder bolts willy-nilly.

An Act of God grew out of David Javerbaum's @TheTweetofGod Twitter account. With 6 million followers signing up to be berated by the Almighty - why do you think audiences connect so much with this material?

Very simply, David’s @TheTweetofGod is brilliantly funny. Let’s be honest, there is a lot that is wrong with social media but when Twitter is used to its full potential it can be such a wonderful form of communication. @TheTweetofGod manages to hit the nail on the head with glorious comedic punch using the most efficient amount of words. Also, I think most people hope this is how God would react to world events. He must have a great sense of humour and doesn’t take himself too seriously. I mean he created the wombat and Jedward.

We imagine you've been on a big comedic journey for the past 17 years through the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Dave's One Night Stand and Mock The Week - what's the best piece of advice you could offer aspiring comedians?


I sometimes think the only reason I managed to last as long as I have is that I had no Plan B, literally no other skills to fall back on. If this hadn’t worked I genuinely don’t know what else I would have done. So, I guess my advice would be to keep going. So many times I felt like quitting because it is not an easy business to be in but then again most jobs are difficult at times. You have great days you have dreadful days like anyone else. Also, never take yourself too seriously it makes the failures easier to tolerate and people who take themselves too seriously are, without exception, dreadful bores.

If you were God for the day, but could only commit three acts during your tenure, what would they be?


Life is about balance, so I would do a couple of biggies. First off the bat I would protect the Oceans that I had created. I would intervene to protect all my wondrous sea creatures from the destructive acts of mankind. Secondly, I would put an all-out ban on any physical or mental violence being carried out in my name. Finally, I would always make sure that Zoe Lyons had a parking space right outside her flat. Like I said, it’s all about balance.

An Act of God tickets for The Vaults run available from £20!

Do not risk the wrath of God, book your tickets for An Act of God - the irreverent comedy now showing at The Vaults Under Waterloo Station. If you've always wondered what a sit down with the Almighty might sound like you won't want to miss the show!

Jack Hudson

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