Review: Constellations (Omari Douglas and Russell Tovey)

Posted on 10 August 2021

It’s Written In The Stars…

If I saw you at a BBQ and we crossed eyes, I would have the choice of making my move, or the choice of getting my burger and sitting down, thinking ‘what if’.  I could weigh up the various scenarios and have my own sliding doors moment. 

Roland (Russell Tovey) and Emmanuel (Omari Douglas) meet at a BBQ. Multiple endings to one thread of conversation are viewed, forced and thrashed out.  

Omari Douglas and Russell Tovey in Constellations at the West End's Vaudeville Theatre

The set is simple and the emphasis is on the words. How do we hear them? Do we hear but not listen? Do we listen to understand, not listen to respond?  Douglas reels off his dialogue with ease and comfort; Tovey matches with wit and speed and at points almost emulates Ricky Gervais in wit and vigour. The main dialogue piece revolves around a terminal illness.  Much should be made of the tact and diplomacy that such a sensitive topic was handled so delicately with diligence and care.

Make no bones about it, Constellations is a hard-hitting piece and one that must be seen whilst tickets are available.  It also features a revolving cast, the day I attended featured Tovey and Douglas; next up is Chris O’Dowd and Anna Maxwell-Martin.

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