Review: Just Exactly When Did I Sign that Jersey Contract?

Posted on 25 November 2014

I've been very lucky in the last week to have seen three very diverse shows. When I was sat in Jersey Boys for the ?? time it made me question? What is it about this particular show that keeps me returning? In fact it is rare that I leave the theatre without having booked Jersey Boys tickets for my return visit.

Jersey Boys review:

Is it the tremendous main cast themselves Michael Watson (At some performances Sandy Moffat) who plays Frankie Valli, Jon Boydon (Tommy Devito) Edd Post (Bob Gaudio) Matt Nalton (Nick Massi), whose acting, precision timing and vocals are a sheer delight to watch.

The Jersey Boys direction (Des McAnuff) which is on point every step of the way. The book written by Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice which has the funniest sometimes ironic or poignant lines again delivered to perfection by all the cast is of immense enjoyment.

Jersey Boys springs into life from the moment the French rap star played by Thomas Goodridge bounces on stage singing 'Ces Soirees-La' (Oh What A Night) with the ensemble supporting in his backup group.

Nicola Brazil plays Mary Delgado and other parts and whose feisty acting as Frankie's wife really compliments and works well with either of the actors who play Frankie and you can really feel her angst during the duet 'My Eyes Adored You'.

The music composed by Bob Gaudio and lyricist (the recently departed) Bob Crewe is fantastically orchestrated. I have over the years taken and met people during the show, who are amazed about how many of the songs we love today, unaware that it came from these two geniuses. Such obvious numbers as Sherry & Walk Like a Man and less obvious 'Bye Bye Baby' synonymous with The Bay City Rollers to name but a few.

The dancing is accomplished and completely suits the numbers, Sergio Trujillo (Choreographer) obviously felt the music when setting and whilst it looks simple it is extremely effective.

I have seen a number of cast changes over the years and each time I think to myself when cast change day arrives this is not going to work? It does every time so again I ask myself what is their secret?

It is a slick show there is no room for anything to go wrong or ad libbing as it's so finely tuned and timed. The cast show almost a reverence to this fact, as if they are aware, at how prestigious the portrayal of this is story is after all they are portraying Rock and Roll Hall of Famers!

Having met the actors off stage they are not "New Jersey" boys and are not like any of their characters in real life and yet you could be fooled into thinking that they are both of these things.

I'm not alone in my appreciation for this show and I know that there are many people out there that have their own special feelings for a particular show.

So this draws me back to my original question? Just exactly when did I sign that Jersey contract, that ensures that I keep returning again and again? To use one of the Frankie line's "I'm like that bunny on TV I keep going and going"

Jersey Boys will always be a 5 star show for me, but don't take my word for it go and see it for yourself! I dare you to not find yourself tapping your foot or clapping your hands at least once during the evening. 

Reviewed by Caroline Hanks-Farmer (@carnfarmer)