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The Return Of Miss Saigon - your reactions!

Our Twitter friends are rather excited about the return of Miss Saigon!

Sophie Bredbere ‏@SLBredbere

 I love Miss Saigon; it's just a shame it's coming back the year I go to university. All the more reason to aim for a London uni


 that's just made my bday thank you x

 yes :-):-):-) i have to have a ticket

 Oh my...there are no words to explain my excitement - but I will try... "Why God Why" was it not done before !


 I have no memories as never seen it but its a show i'd be interested in seeing, would love  to play Chris. x


 I'm so overwhelmed at miss saigons return, I've seen it 10 times n love it so much.. John barrow man for Chris please..đź‘Ź

 I was THE first ever drama student to do two weeks work experience backstage at the TH Royal DL when MS was on. March 1992.x




Rachel Harding @go_placidly

thoughts on Miss Saigon? It's hard to know where to start! 

I first saw Miss Saigon in the week it finished it's West End run - talk about bad timing! It had been a birthday gift, and cemented my love.of musical theatre, and Miss Saigon in particular, with a soundtrack I still listen to on a regular basis now, and know far too many words to! A couple of years later I returned from my gap year traveling (and thus very out of the musical loop!) to surprise tickets to see a touring production at Birmingham, which began a tradition of watching it whenever - and wherever - I could, depending on where it was touring and where I was a) living b) had friends i could use an excuse to visit or c) a town I had never been to before. I have never got bored of it, as every production is different and the actors I have seen have always brought something different to the roles. My most recent was a venture to see a schools production of it, a joke I made on twitter about getting my Miss Saigon fix became a jaunt to the wilds of Stoke, which I was convinced would go.down in family history as "remember that time Rachel dragged us to see that terrible production..." - but I was blown away by how good it was, and served merely to reignite my love for the story and keep the songs circulating in my head for a while longer.

If the rumours are true, and Saigon does come back in 2014 it will be perfectly timed for my 30th...and I can drag my friends back to where it all began, too many years and too many performances ago!

@JordanLukeGage  Jordan Luke Gage

I am over the moon at the news of miss Saigon opening in London again. When it originally played at the theatre royal I was too young to appreciate it; being under the age of six, so never had the chance to see it. However since then I have been a huge fan of the show, (watched the making of miss Saigon about a hundred times) listened to the soundtrack on repeat and am thrilled that the younger generation will have a chance to witness the beauty of Boubil and Schonberg's harrowing piece of theatre. 




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