Top 5 Matilda the Musical songs #StageySoundtrackSunday

Posted on 10 July 2022

Matilda the Musical has been delighting audiences of all ages for 10 terrific years in the West End. The wonderful musical has wowed many at London’s Cambridge Theatre with its inspiring story based on the beloved book by Roald Dahl. Tickets for Matilda the Musical are now booking until 28 May 2023. The multi-award-winning musical has marvellous music and lyrics by the comedian Tim Minchin and for #StageySoundtrackSunday we’ve picked our top 5 songs!

5. Telly

‘Telly’ is such a fun and silly song. It’s led by Matilda’s father, Mr Wormwood, who would rather Matilda watch the telly than read books. It really highlights how much of an oddball Matilda is to the Wormwoods and gives us an insight into her family life.

4. Bruce

This song does incredible justice to what is one of the most iconic scenes in Matilda. In the musical, the children sing 'Bruce' and cheer for their classmate, who is eating a gigantic chocolate cake. The song is really fun and its a great scene to watch!

3. When I Grow Up

This is a really sweet song, mostly sung by the children in the cast, and it shows the wonderful innocence of being a child. However, it is also sung by Miss Honey, which gives the song extra meaning. It adds the theme of hope and the importance of overcoming life’s struggles.          

2. Revolting Children

‘Revolting Children’ is an incredible catchy tune and with it being the closing numbers, it's almost guaranteed to get stuck in your head. The children sing this number in defiance as they take a stand against their bully of a headteacher, Miss Trunchbull.

1. Naughty

This song is a perfect blend of childhood innocence with a message of taking matters into your own hands and recognising your own power to make a change. It’s sung by Matilda early on in Act 1 as she takes it into her own hands to teach her bullying father a lesson.

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