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Top Shows For: Big Groups

Taking a big group to see a show is a terrifying thing. It's bad enough trying to find a film that you'll all tolerate, so how do you find a show that everybody will like enough to justify buying a lot of tickets to see it? If only there was a list of, say, eight safe London shows to see with big groups of people!

Well, since you asked …

1. Kinky Boots

The absolute number one Safe Show is the spectacular Kinky Boots. It is beyond wonderful and, without a doubt, one of the best shows in London at the moment. But one of its most impressive features is how broad its audience is. I would defy anybody not to fall head over sequined heels in love with Kinky Boots, whether you are a lover of cheesy musicals, a complete cynic, a comedy fan or somebody who wants depth in a show – which, incidentally, makes it absolutely perfect for a large group which could well contain somebody from each of these categories. The show seems to say 'you will be happy' with a great deal of force, from start to finish.

Another great thing about Kinky Boots is that tickets for the show are surprisingly cheap. For a evening out that will leave you in the best of moods, you simply cannot beat Kinky Boots. For more details, check out my Kinky Boots review.

2. Jersey Boys

If you're after an easy-going, chilled, feel-good evening, Jersey Boys just might be the show for you. Featuring the music of the Four Seasons (which everybody will recognise, even if they don't know the music by name), it is a superbly safe bet. There is simply nothing not to like about the show; it creates a great atmosphere and, with brilliant music alongside an engaging story, everybody will love it.

Again, you can find out a bit more about the show, and what I thought of it, in my Jersey Boys review.

3. Showstopper!

For comedy that is en point, take your big group to see Showstopper! It is an improvised musical which, admittedly, I was highly cynical about to start with. But there are few shows that have made me laugh as much as Showstopper; I was extremely impressed by it when I went to see it, and I can think of nobody who wouldn't enjoy it.

You can catch Showstopper! all around England, including in London over ten Mondays up until the 25th July. For a little more information, check out my Showstopper! review of the show from last year.

4. Sunny Afternoon

Sunny Afternoon is very similar to Jersey Boys in style, but based on the music of the Kinks. It is a lot more “kick-ass” than Jersey Boys and, although a tiny bit less feel-good, just as energetic. For the same reasons as with Jersey Boys, everybody will love Sunny Afternoon – it is another Safe Show.

5. Motown The Musical

Continuing along the lines of Jukebox musicals, Motown the Musical is another great show. Motown focuses much more on music than story, and at times it comes across as a little like a concert, so it is probably a good idea to take people who will at least know the music a bit. However, the music is recognisable even if you don't know it back-to-front and, although I wouldn't recommend the show as highly as Jersey Boys or Sunny Afternoon, it is still a great show for a big group of people.

For a little more detail on Motown the Musical, you can find my recent review of the show here.

6. Wicked

Although Wicked would perhaps not be the best choice of show for somebody who is really cynical around the area of musicals on the whole, it is extremely hard not to fall in love with the show. Although based on the story of The Wizard of Oz, Wicked is just as suitable for adults as it is for children. A great thing about Wicked is that there are loads of real “wow” moments in the show (like Defying Gravity). It is a musical in a far more traditional sense than Jukebox or improvised musicals, and without doubt one of the best in London. Your big group could not fail to be impressed by Wicked.

You can also see my review of Wicked for more details on the show, and why I absolutely love it.

7. The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time is more than just a long name. It is a thoroughly engaging play, with a lot of depth and an overall feel-good vibe. If your big group of people want to see something that has more substance to it, then this could be the play for you.

If you want to know why I loved The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, I has also written a review this play, which you can read here.

8. Guys And Dolls

For something a bit more traditional, I would highly recommend Guys and Dolls, which is currently playing in London on a very limited season. A feel-good, fun musical, Guys and Dolls will leave you humming tunes for days after seeing it. It is a real classic, sitting somewhere between Oliver! and Singin' in the Rain.

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