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Week 3 In The Life Of A Musical Theatre Fanatic


It's day four of the Facebook song challenge. Last week I was challenged to post five songs in five days. Today's is my only non-musical choice. It's "Angel Of Mine" and it's the song I used to sing to my son when he was little. He's 17 now and has always been a very kind and loyal boy. When the children were younger they used to have to come to rehearsals with me and actually performed in a couple of shows. Unfortunately my son decided it was not for him and started playing football and cricket instead(why?). Still, it payed off a few years later when the film of Les Miserables came out and he impressed girls by knowing most of the lyrics! 

Anyway, start the day with a great Zumba class. 

A story I read while on my lunch break is about Angela Lansbury's 89th birthday. I recently got to play the part of Mame which Mrs Lansbury originated on Broadway. It is my favourite show and role to date. Although very challenging it was such a positive show and so much fun. While I was rehearsing for Mame, Angela Lansbury came to the UK to reprise the the role of Madame Arcati in the West End Production of Noel Coward's Blithe Spirit. I decided to get a ticket just because I felt watching Mrs Lansbury might help with my performance. I watched one of the previews and found it wasn't for me, I found it fairly slow. Jemima Rooper, however was excellent. 

Another job I do, just once a month is a bit of singing in an old folks home. It's such a great thing to do. When I originally started, we sang all old war time type songs but after a while the 8 ladies who I sing with requested we did more musical theatre (Woo hoo!). Todays highlights were a bit of Ruthie Henshall's  "Someone To Watch Over Me" and a lovely rendition of "Some Enchanted Evening". 


It's day five of the song challenge. The final song in five songs in five days is "Who Will Love Me As I Am" from Side Show. This is one of the most beautiful musical theatre scores I've ever heard and is about to return to Broadway. Fingers crossed it will be a success and will transfer to the West End so we can all enjoy it's glorious music and story based on a real life set of Conjoined twins who were a successful Vaudeville act. Quite a few interesting bits of theatre news on Twitter today:

Bugsy Malone is holding open auditions in London. I think it's great that more companies are doing this. If I'd had the chance when I wasn't so long in the tooth(and saggy) I would have given it a go. It's a great way to find talent that otherwise wouldn't have had a chance. 

It's interesting that they are bringing back Bugsy. It's not a favourite of mine, I think the show is a bit slow, but we'll see what happens.

Whole day on the building site today on my own, and I've decided to start practising Christmas songs. This might sound mad in October, but I've got a few interesting gigs coming up with my trio ('The Merrily on Highs') and want to make sure the harmonies are tight. 

To my disgust the lads have left me no Bourbon biscuits in the tin, so I have to settle for a couple of oatcakes instead. Hardly a treat! 

Pop to the pub with my partner for a couple of ciders in the evening and am very amused by a few people that have had more than a couple. I often think you could write a new musical just by listening to what people talk about in pubs. This evening's box office smash would be called "Don't Feed My Dog Pork Scratchings".


Up in the middle of the night to go to a university open day in Birmingham. This is a long drive for us so it gives me plenty of time to sing very loudly for hours on end. The soundtrack for most of the trip is Side Show, because choosing the song from the it earlier in the week reignited my love. 

Long day driving, singing and then sleeping!


Lazy morning and then off for a Jesus Christ Supetstar rehearsal. Running act two today, which is tricky as A) we haven't set some of it and B) lots of the cast can't be bothered to go. 

Hey ho! Only just over three weeks until the show!


Busy work day today.  

The highlight of the day was the JCS rehearsal and the setting of the whipping scene. In most Amdram clubs the acting comprises of three main facial expressions/movements. The nod, the surprise and the point. In a scene where Jesus Christ is being tortured and about to be killed none of these really work so the cast are struggling a little. Couple this with the fact that most are in their 60s and can't really run across the stage in time and you make for a slightly altered version of this classic scene. Hilarious!


Found one of the best Twitter accounts ever today. The bunny from Urinetown has his own account! As I would love to see this show and I have a beloved pet Bunny so this is the perfect match. I immediately follow him and get a great little conversation going. 

I've heard great things about Urinetown and when I first heard it was coming to the West End I was very excited. I saw one of the swings (Christine Modestou) perform with a friend of mine in a lovely little musical called Edges, at the Tabard recently. She was excellent as was my Friend (Luke Street) and I'm sure they are both destined for greatness.


One of those days where you're  not sure why you bothered to get out of bed. 

Power cut means no exercise class this morning so I decide to go for a coffee with my Mum before I head to the building site. A random old lady starts shouting at me in the cafe and I decide it might be better to just go to work. 

Had a Twitter chat with one of my fellow Kerry Ellis fans. She is camping out in London to get day tickets for all of Kerry's last Wicked performances.  She's watching two shows today! That is devotion (or madness!).

Off to a reasonable JCS rehearsal. They have decided we have to wear espadrilles for the show which I have dutifully purchased. Whoever made this choice is obviously not a dancer. My pair get thrown across the room in frustration after a couple of dances. As if people actually wore espadrilles in those days! 

Looking forward to a double dip of theatre on Saturday with a Miss Saigon matinee and Kerry Ellis' last Wicked in the evening.

By Nicky Sweetland

Read Nicky's review of Kerry Ellis' final Wicked performance here!


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