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When buying Lion King tickets, where is the best place to sit in the Lyceum Theatre?

When looking to purchase Lion King tickets it helps to know about the theatre's layout.   The Lyceum Theatre seating plan consists of three levels.  The Stalls or as they are sometimes known as - Orchestra Stalls, the Royal Circle and the Grand Circle.  There are also 6 boxes for sale and each box has 2 seats per box and are used as part of the show when the cast come in them and sing, which can be a little scary for younger children.  All the boxes are  restricted viewing as they are very on the side, and 5 boxes are priced at the cheapest price and one box is at the 4th price.  If there are any children they are not allowed to sit in a box without  an adult, unless they are aged 16 or over.

The theatre ask the audience to take their seats five minutes before the curtain goes up.  This is because the show starts with the animals making their way to the stage from the back of the Stalls to the stage.  So if you can track down Stalls aisle seats this is a real bonus to add to your enjoyment of the show.  The animals pass through again after the interval.

With regards to the Lyceum Theatre Stalls section, where is best to sit?

Well it might be best to avoid the very front row even though the majority are classed as top price, unless you are very tall as this is very close to the stage and could mean having difficulty seeing what is happening on the ground.  Also take note that Stalls A 10 - 13 are classed as restricted due to the conductor being in the way!

The stalls start to slope from row C, but this more noticeable from row E.  The advantage of sitting towards the front is obviously that you will have a great close up to the expressions and feel a great atmosphere.  From row E back to row S you are getting a good view - however it might not be the best place for young children or people on the shorter side because even with a rake, if you are unlucky to get a really tall person in front of you then they could have their view blocked.  In the centre seats are classed as top price as far back as row W which means clear view and no restriction but you may feel a little bit far from the stage from row T backwards as you are under the overhang of the Royal Circle above and it is quite dark.

The second price seats in row X offer a good deal if you want to save some money and if you go back into row Y and Z then you can get even further discounted tickets due to the fact that being at the back you are by a sound desk and from the overhang would have the top of the set decoration cut off.  If you are taking children it is definitely best to avoid the back of the stalls.

Most people feel that the leg room is quite good even if you are on the tall side!

What about the Royal Circle at the Lyceum Theatre?

The Royal Circle has a nice layout offering a good view from just about all the seats whether in the middle or to the side.  The downside is that you may feel further away from the stage and there is less interaction with the animals.  They do however pop up in the boxes at times as mentioned earlier, so you would have a nice view of that.   The steepness of the tiered seating means you are looking down onto the stage and all including children will enjoy a good view.  Row A should be avoided for children and smaller people due to the safety rail and there is also a light gantry in the centre which some may find may be annoying so it may be better to go at least one row back.  You can also get cheaper seats in rows M and N, which offer a pretty clear view and even cheaper again in row P.  These last three rows are under the overhang of the Grand Circle which is why they reduce in price, but only row P is noticeably affected with the ariel ballet probably being cut from view for a tall adult.   Again, most people feel the leg room is more than adequate.

Looking for cheaper Lion King seats?  Try the Grand Circle.

If you suffer from vertigo, you may not want to go up into the Grand Circle as its rake is steeper than that of the Royal, although once you are sat down the severe height will not be so noticeable.  Again there is a safety rail so best to avoid row A!  From A to G the seats are one price and all clear view so the further forward and more central you can get the better.  The price drops from row H, which offers better value but you are now quite a distance from the stage.  At the very back in row L you are still getting clear view seats as there is no overhang which are even cheaper again.  In this section try and sit as central as possible and avoid the very ends of rows out to the sides.

There are Lion King tickets which offer good value for money and for a family who don't want to splash out a fortune on tickets, you should try looking for mid week tickets which are cheaper than going on the weekend (although Sunday matinee is cheaper than Saturdays).  Have you decided where to sit when you buy your Lion King tickets?

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