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Where Can I Get The Cheapest London Theatre Tickets For Big Shows Like The Lion King?

If you are looking for the cheapest London theatre tickets then the best bet would be to start your search online to compare prices. Throughout London's West End there are hundreds of offers on theatre tickets every day, you just need to know where to find them and also be able to recognise when it’s a good deal.

There are countless websites and online companies claiming to offer the cheapest London theatre tickets for all of London's biggest musicals like The Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables and sometimes even cheaper The Lion King tickets as well as all the best plays and attractions. All of which are bound to have an offer going selling discount tickets for a fraction of the normal cost.

Many theatres have long running offers on their top price seats, usually only available on the Monday to Friday performances and then the prices go back up over the weekend. Offers like these can often run indefinitely so it looks rather attractive to the buying customer thinking they are getting a great deal, however the offer is constantly on and the price only goes up for Saturday and Sunday performances. This is a good marketing strategy used by many theatres that also benefits the thrifty theatre-goer.

Theatres can also offer cheap tickets for the preview performances of a show, this is done before the official opening has taken place and before the press have released any reviews of the show. It can be a bit hit and miss with new shows, however if there is a lot of hype around the show and maybe some big celebrities in the cast then it's a good time to get some tickets while they are at their cheapest!

The price of the ticket also depends on where you are sat in the theatre. The best available seats will be on the ground floor in the Stalls and one level up in the Royal Circle, or Dress Circle as it is also known in some theatres. The price then goes down from there depending on how far back or on the side you are or if your view is restricted by a pillar or safety rail. If the show you want to see is not offering any discounts but you still desperately want to see it, then you could purchase tickets in the balcony otherwise known as the "gods" or the "nosebleeds". These seats often aren't as bad as they are made out to be and often have a full view of the stage. The only downside is everything will be smaller than in the Stalls or Royal Circle. You can overcome this obstacle by hiring binoculars if offered by the theatre, or even bring you own!

Just remember to be careful that you are buying from an authorised dealer and you will surely come across the cheapest London theatre tickets in no time!

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