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To be confirmed.
Running time
1hr 30min
Performance dates
18 April 2018 - 12 May 2018

Rasheeda Speaking Customer Reviews

4 / 5 (1 customer reviews)

Christine Filip

27 April 18

Excellent play about a sensitive and actual issue; how to deal with the different backgrounds, personal pasts of people, history, meaning making, which in this play are reflected by the race and color of skin. What I really appreciated that the form was a comedy with painfull remarks from all players. Emphasis on the fact that we all have to find our way in the mess of humanity and biased meaning making and keeping up ego appearances. The end is a creative one where Jaclyn seemingly wins the game because she learned the rules of the game. This is an empowering outcome for Jaclyn. But not an ‘they lived happy ever after’ . There is much more to say about this play, but I would suggest: go and see for yourself. And let yourself feel all the tumbling feelings that comes up, and I assure you that fun and annoyance will be a few of them:-) For the political correctness of it: not being able to recognise and differentiate people’s faces from another origin then the origin where you grew up with or are surrounded by is not discrimination per se.