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Apollo TheatreLondon

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The Sunday Times Humour Book of the Year Adapted for The Stage.

 “We went to a very good midday party at the Herns yesterday where there was a lot to drink and your dear mother took advantage of that fact… A former jockey called Stan Clayton, who breeds budgerigars, was good enough to tell me all about his blood pressure, while a tall lady with an azure wig explained at some length why she loathed her husband so much. Perhaps I am a sympathetic listener; possibly I just lack the energy to move away.”

Roger Mortimer's often hilarious, sometimes touching, always generous letters to his son, Charlie, are packed with crisp anecdotes and sharp observations. The trials and tribulations of Charlie's youth and adulthood are received by his father with both humour and resignation. Spanning twenty-five years, their correspondence forms a memoir of their relationship, an affectionate portrait of a time gone by.

Father and son James Fox and Jack Fox will star in this new stage adaptation by best-selling author Michael Simkins, in which he uncovers many more undocumented stories of Charlie's wayward life and his relationship with his father.

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