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Imperium II: Dictator Tickets

Gielgud Theatre, London4.531 reviews
Don’t miss the epic conclusion to the theatrical event of the summer. Book Imperium II: Dictator now and save £10.

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Imperium II: Dictator tickets are now available for this strictly limited run at the Gielgud Theatre.

The second part of this two part saga opens with Rome under total chaos. Cicero must harness his quick wits to outsmart the civic mob, prevent Julius Ceasar from overtaking the throne and restore power to the Senate. This historical thriller from Royal Shakespeare Company comes after a critically acclaimed sell-out season in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Mike Poulton, previously known for his incredible RSC adaptations of Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies,  has rewritten the histories of Ancient Rome with his adaptation of Robert Harris’ best-selling novels dubbed the Cicero Trilogy. Directed by Gregory Doran, these acclaimed RSC productions of Imperium enjoyed a sold-out season in the Swan Theatre and are now preparing to transfer to the West End’s Gielgud Theatre. Imperium II: Dictator will play for a strictly limited season from 21 June-8 September. Reprising their roles from the original run will be Tony Award-winner Richard McCabe (The Audience) as Cicero and Joseph Kloska (The Crown, RSC's Written on the Heart) as Tiro.

Cicero has retired from politics and Julius Caesar has become dictator and commander of Rome’s armies following the civil war. When Julius Caesar is assassinated it seems that the Republic will be restored but as the streets run riot power slowly begins to fall to Mark Antony. In an attempt to keep Antony from imposing a military dictatorship on Rome Cicero forms an alliance with the great-nephew and heir of Julius Caesar, the 19-year-old Octavian. Cicero is assured of his ability to control the boy and use him to destroy Antony. In Cicero’s attempt to save the Republic, has he actually doomed it?

Don't forget to catch the beginning of this unmissable theatrical event full of political intrigue. Imperium I: Conspirator sets the stage.

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Additional Information

Age restriction

Children under 3 will not be admitted.

Running time

3hr 15min (inc. two intervals)

Performance dates

21 June - 8 September 2018


Recommended ages 12 and above.

Special notes

Do not miss the first part of the Imperium tale, Imperium I: Conspirator playing 14 June - 8 September 2018. All persons aged under 16 must be accompanied and sat next to the accompanying adult. They may not sit on their own within the auditorium. If children do have separate seats, entry could be refused. All patrons, regardless of age, must present a valid ticket to gain entry to the theatre. Please ensure that any children or infants for whom you are responsible also have a valid ticket. Your child should be able to sit unaided within the purchased seat. We do not allow children to be seated on an adult’s lap or babes in arms.

Venue Information

Gielgud TheatreShaftesbury Avenue, London, W1V 8AR

Customer Reviews

31 reviews4.5

Mr ROBERT McFarland9th September

We saw Imperium 1 on August 20th. It was so bad that we gave away the tickets for Imperium 11; noting that to return them would be futile as tickets were being offered at a 70% discount. I can only assume that Imperium was the RSC's attempt to launch a popular blockbuster. It lamentably failed as a serious piece of theatre. Greg Doran & the RSC should reassess whether this is really what they should be producing. Shameful, a view shared by all of our friends who saw it.

Charles George5th September

The text was fine, the casting and direction dire. From the Grand Circle the hanging globe obscured many entries, and why were all the main characters crude caricatures?

Linda Davies5th September

Very cleverly done, we had read Robert Harris's books, lived in Italy for 9 years and have read extensively on Roman history, but felt that for people with less knowledge it was compacted brilliantly. Just don't know how the main actors remember their lines ... 7 hours worth of riveting action

Rohan5th September

Absolutely riveting brilliant and incredible. Fabulous performances and a fantastic production....Game of Thrones, West Wing all rolled together. Richard McCabe as Cicero and Joseph Kloska as Tiro are breathtakingly brilliant. All the cast were fantastic but my god....what a script!

John5th September

Much better than the first part. Characters were deeper and Octavian in particular was excellent.

marcia osorio5th September

Brilliant..........!!!!!!!!!!!!Wonderful show.................good writing...good actors......a theatrical experience no to be missed

elisabeth Hewson31st August

I loved it! I had read the books and was totally convinced by the stage performance. I also and always admire your actors. I came specially from Vienna to see it and I do go to the theater a lot. The only small thing I could criticize if anything at all was the a little too much shrieking by too many caracters: sometimes speaking softly feels much more evil than shouting.

Morven30th August

Very sharp dialogue. A truly great experience.

Ruth Borgars23rd August

Really enjoyed it especially the staging and "battle" choreography done in a small space; maybe all the breaks weren't strictly necessary

Kevin23rd August

An absolutely brilliant production: adaptation, staging, acting were all exemplary, and it was a day (seeing both parts in succession) of excitement, interest and pathos like none other in my memory.

Kate Burchill23rd August

Absolutely thrilling theatre experience! We saw Imperium I and couldn't wait to go back and see Imperium II. Probably the best theatre production we have seen for many years - Richard McCabe is superb in the main role and the whole cast of both plays are truly magnificent. It was a totally special experience we shall remember for many years.

Phyllis23rd August

You have to pace yourself to watch Imperium I and II on the same day, but it is well worth it. The actors and production kept me interested and engaged throughout. The plays could not demonstrate the agony, uncertainty and length of time of Cicero’s various exiles because a play requires action, but this was made up for by the life they brought to the story. All the actors were excellent but especially Cicero and Tiro. Their asides and grimaces to the audience drew us all in. At the end of nearly 7 hours in the theatre, everyone round me was so happy with their experience.