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Trafalgar Theatre, London4.390 reviews
Orlando Bloom stars in the multi-award winning comedy thriller, Killer Joe.

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Orlando Bloom (The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Hobbit trilogy, the Pirates of the Caribbean series) stars as a cop who moonlights as a killer-for-hire in the multi award-winning Tracy Letts' blackly comic thriller, Killer Joe.

The Smith family hatch a plan to murder their estranged matriarch for her insurance money. They hire Joe Cooper, a police detective and part-time contract killer, to do the job. But once he enters their trailer home and comes face to face with their innocent daughter, the plan spirals out of control...

A tense, gut-twisting thriller, Killer Joe, directed by Simon Evans (The Dazzle and Bug at Found111, The Best Man) asks where the moral line is drawn in the fight for survival.

Killer Joe plays a strictly limited 13-week season from Friday 18 May - Saturday 18 August at Trafalgar Studio 1.


The appearance of any artist cannot be guaranteed.  Please note Orlando Bloom will not be performing on the following performances: Wednesday 20 June to Saturday 23 June inclusive, plus Monday 16 July to Saturday 21 July inclusive. 

Additional Information

Age restriction

Children under 15 will not be admitted.

Running time

2 hours 5 minutes (including the interval)

Performance dates

18 May 2018 - 18 August 2018


Recommended for ages 15 and above due to adult themes.

Special notes

Please note that this show contains adult themes, nudity, loud gunshots, flashing lights, haze and smoking onstage.

The appearance of any artist cannot be guaranteed. Please note Orlando Bloom will not be performing on the following performances: Monday 16 July to Saturday 21 July inclusive.

Venue Information

Trafalgar Theatre14 Whitehall, London, SW1A 2DY

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Customer Reviews

90 reviews4.3

Stephanie Burns20th August

Fantastic show - great actors, great storyline, great, interactive set.

Jacqui Wills16th August

An intense and gripping show. Time flew by and very enjoyable.

Helen16th August

What an amazing performance by the whole cast. We were truly gripped from start to finish. Great venue and even though we were at the top and back we still had an amazing view of the stage and the actors

RONI SHALEV13th August

It was crazy, different, violent and funny. Real good acting!

Cheryl Kane12th August

Great performance, I would definitely recommend this play. intimate setting enhanced atmosphere and intensity. All actors were fantastic.


Killer Joe is brilliant - it is dark funny and totally mesmerising, Orlando Bloom leads a wonderful cast, the set design is stunning and the music and sound effects are spot on. The best play I have seen in years. Not to be missed.

Sharron Davis12th August

A vibrant, energetic, dark commed. Amazing production. Fab cast. Definitely worth a watch.

Russ Simpson 12th August

A very personal stage set-up, in such an exquisite theatre. The play was an explosion of fear, control, and incredible acting - especially from Adam Gillen. Great stuff!

David11th August

Gripping production, disturbing, thought provoking play. Excellent acting by Orlando Bloom.

Amanda11th August

Brilliant acting, very atmospheric, great story, thoroughly recommend

Jocelyn Stewart10th August

Enjoyed very much Found it very expensive for the venue tho

Sean Johnson10th August

An excellent production, keeps you on the edge of your seat with tension and humour, my wife especially liked Orlando Bloom’s bottom!