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Macbeth Tickets

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Shakespeare's GlobeLondon
An insatiable lust for power brings a nation to its knees in Macbeth at The Globe Theatre.

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Tickets for Macbeth are available now! 

Since its first performance in 1606, Shakespeare’s political tragedy of power and greed contains messages and warnings that are still relevant today. Macbeth is the chilling dramatisation of one couple who seeks political control by any means and the destructive physical and psychological torment that follows. This summer, witness nature turn upside down in this ruthless and blood-thirsty quest for power. Book tickets for Macbeth at The Globe Theatre today!

About Macbeth

‘Stars, hide your fires. Let not light see my black and deep desires.’

When a scheming trio of witches approach a Noble Scottish general named Macbeth, they foretell a prophecy, which tells that one day, Macbeth will become the King of Scotland. Consumed by their raging hunger to attain the throne, Macbeth and his wife decide that there will be no compromise, they will let nothing stand in their way of power. 

In their gruelling pursuit, they leave a trail of devastation behind, as paranoia and guilt consume every inch of their lives, the story descends into the realms of madness and death.

The creatives of Macbeth at The Globe

Macbeth is written by William Shakespeare and is directed by Abigail Graham. Abigail is an award-winning freelance Theatre Director and Educator, her directing credits include Aladdin, Merchant of Venice, MUM, Earthquakes in London, The Tyler Sisters, 31 Hours, And Now: The World! and many more! Graham’s production of Aladdin at The Lyric Hammersmith won 3 awards at the UK Pantomime Awards, including Best Panto.

Macbeth tickets are available now!

For centuries, people have sat on the edge of their seats for Macbeth and its themes of consequence, greed and corruption. Don’t miss out on this beloved tragedy, book tickets to Macbeth at The Globe Theatre!