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Trafalgar Studios 2London

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No Villain transfers to Trafalgar Studios 2 for a limited 4-week run this June, following its sold out  premiere at The Old Red Lion Theatre in December 2015.

“My first attempt at a play, rather inevitably, had been about industrial action and a father and his two sons, the most autobiographical dramatic work I would ever write.” Arthur Miller

In six days of the spring break at the University of Michigan in 1936, a twenty-year old college student Arthur Miller writes his first ever play, No Villain. He writes this with his hopes high for the prestigeous Avery Hopwood award, which comes with a $250 prize  money he needs to return to college the year after. Miller eventually ended up winning the award, however, the play had not been produced – until 2015, returning in 2016 to the famous Trafalgar Studios.

No Villain tells the story of a strike involving clothes-making companies. The strike sees the son go against the factory owner – and his father at the same time. Throughout the story, Miller examines Marxism, which would bring him problems and put him in court in front of the House Un-American Activities Committee, now known as House Committee on Internal Security, some years later.

This Miller's debut gives us a glimpse of the author's early life as a student. We can also observe where his political values come from and at the same time, watch the start of his extremely successful writing career.

"No Villain takes us to another cradle of dramatic greatness."
The Guardian

"Arthur Miller's lost debut premieres in a London pub - and it's absolutely brilliant"
The Independent

"A stylish outing for Arthur Miller's Marxist debut drama."
Time Out

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